The Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning Like A Pro

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning Like A Pro
The Ultimate Guide To Spring Cleaning Like A Pro

Spring is going just wonderfully at the minute. The days are getting longer and sunnier, and the flowers are starting to bloom! How are things looking in your home, though? If it looks like it could do with a spruce up and a good old clean, now is the time! It’s a good idea to do one big spring clean before summer starts. Here is how to make your home look like you hired in the professionals!



Sort Out Your Vacuum Cleaner

Annoyingly, your vacuum cleaner needs cleaning too! First of all, replace the bag. You should regularly check the vacuum and change the bag once it is full. If you hardly use it, once a year should do. There’s no point starting on your spring clean if the vac isn’t clean itself. You could end up causing more dirt! You should also wash the filters if they are looking grimy, and clean out the dust cap.

Clean Your Carpets and Floors

Our flooring gets dirty very easily. Especially if people forget to take their shoes off at the door! But they are also one of the easiest parts of your house to clean. It just involves some elbow grease! To make things easier, there is lots of equipment that helps clean carpets, such as chem-dry carpet cleaning. It’s also possible to get rid of any dents in your carpets and rugs left behind by furniture. Iron them on a high setting with lots of steam!

Freshen Up Your Furniture

You should inspect your large pieces of furniture to see if they need maintaining. Your big furniture will have been expensive to buy, so it is important you keep it looking its best. This way it will last longer. If your sofa or armchairs are upholstered, you will be able to vacuum them. You should also give them a spray with fabric air freshener. If you spot any stains, dab them with a damp cloth until they disappear. Clean down leather furniture with special leather cleaner.



Get Into Your Drawers

It’s very easy to forget that our drawers need cleaning. If you don’t, they will become musty over time, which can make our clothes smell. So for fresh-smelling clothes, you need to get into your drawers and clean them out at least once a year. Throw out any old clothes that you never wear anymore. Use your vacuum to get rid of any debris and then wipe them out with a damp cloth. Leave to air dry before putting your clothes back in.

Clean Your Washing Machine

Another appliance I bet you didn’t know would need cleaning! It’s super easy. Simply mix together baking soda and vinegar and put the mixture into the drawer where you would normally put washing powder. Turn on and let the machine do a cycle. Make sure there aren’t any clothes in, though! Once this cycle is done, do another couple to rinse out the drum thoroughly.

Hey presto, a house that could have been cleaned by the pros!


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