4 Things You Must Do For Your Hallway

4 Things You Must Do For Your Hallway
4 Things You Must Do For Your Hallway

Ahh, the hallway. In constant competition with other ‘more important’ rooms like the living area and the kitchen, it can often get overlooked.

If you’ve been neglecting yours of late, think again. Our hallways are entryways into our homes and lives. As a result, they deserve some love and TLC just like the rest of the home. With this in mind, here are four things you must do for your hallway.

Make it welcoming

A dull, cramped or boring hallway doesn’t give the best impression as to the rest of the house! Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into the space. Paint a feature wall in your favourite colour. Hang framed family photographs. Choose a wall decal with a lovely message. Put up a beautiful, sparkling chandelier. Guests will be nothing but impressed.


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Make it safe

One of the biggest causes of slips and trips is a change in surface. If you have been walking on wet ground, and then step onto dry ground, you can lose your footing. This is why floor mats are such an important part of your hallway. Choose one that will stay firmly on the ground, and not slip about when stepped on. This is a hazard in itself!

Also, make sure to the room is well lit. If you have a dark hallway, you and your guests are risking tripping over shoes on the floor or other items. Light will also lead you to the house alarm when that needs turning off.


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Keep It Tidy

Of all the rooms in your house where clutter and mess are likely to gather, it’s the hallway. This is because this is the main thoroughfare of your home. You, your family and your guests come into your house and leave again through the hallway. This means that their belongings may get scattered here. You leave your car keys on the side; the kids leave their shoes on the floor; your guests put their bags there. These things are inevitable, but they don’t make for a very tidy room! This is why keeping clutter to a minimum, or having good storage in a hallway, is so important. Invest in a shoe cupboard big enough for everyone’s shoes, for example. This keeps them off the floor and gives you an extra surface too.


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Make it useful

Having an empty hallway is pretty pointless. After all, it is another room in your house, and the space it offers should be taken full advantage of. Look for ways that your hallway can become useful, and then make the most of them. You could store your alarm system in the hallway. This is a good idea because you will be near to it when you enter and exit the home and need to activate or deactivate it. In relation to the point above, ask yourself how you can make it more useful. Put up some coat hooks. They double up as an attractive decoration, and as something that offers practicality. Find a hat stand, and use it to store scarves and umbrellas. And put some bowls on the side to keep keys, phone chargers and loose change.


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