Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have

Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have
Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Have

Have you been shopping for new makeup and other beauty essentials lately? If you have, you’ll have noticed just how extensive the choice is nowadays! There are so many different products and brands in the shops; it can become an overwhelming decision. So what exactly do you need to keep looking your best? Here are my five essentials.


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A great moisturiser is a key part of any skincare routine. It’s one of the best ways you can get silky smooth skin. One very important thing to remember when looking for moisturiser is that you need one that matches your skin type. If you have dry skin, you should look for a product that will give your skin a good boost of moisture. However, if your skin is already naturally oily, stay away from creams with too much moisture. For best results, moisturise your skin before you apply your makeup. This should help your foundation and blush to last longer!

Whitening Toothpaste

It’s not the most obvious of beauty products, but a whitening toothpaste is very important. A pearly white set of gnashers will look great in all your photos. A winning smile also helps with first impressions. So brush with a whitening toothpaste whenever possible, to help keep your teeth shiny and white. You should find a toothbrush that doesn’t irritate your mouth or cause bleeding. You can see different types here:


Mascara is fab! It’s an instant way to make you look awake, even though you may be feeling very sleepy! An essential in most girls’ makeup bags, it also matches perfectly to pretty much every other item. Use it on its own for a very natural look. Or team it with heavy eyeliner and false lashes for a fantastic look for a night out. If you want to wear yours with some fake lashes, take a look at these awesome ones here:  

Fake Tan

Some girls can be very wary of using fake tan. Especially if they are scared about looking too orange! But if you use it sensibly, it can help you by adding a soft summer glow to your skin. A healthy way to tan, you won’t have to sit for hours in the sun and risk being sunburnt. Apply it slowly to build up the tan gradually. If you put too much on quickly, your tan may not look natural.

A Great Hairbrush Set

Just one hairbrush won’t cut it. You will need a whole set if you want your locks to look gorgeous at all times. A comb is best for parting your hair and also is a great way to detangle wet hair. A brush with natural bristles is great for all hair types. The natural materials in the bristles help to polish your hair as they glide through! A round brush helps you to style while blow drying.

So next time you’re shopping, don’t be tempted by anything other than these five essentials!


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