Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

Is Your Home Ready For Spring?
Is Your Home Ready For Spring?


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Thank goodness spring is finally here. It’s a been a cold, cold winter. But with the warmer weather on its way, you may find that you have a few pressing jobs to do around the home. Of course, spring means it’s time for spring cleaning, which is a good start, but once that’s done, you may find you have been more work to do. Your home is your castle, and it pays to keep it in tip top condition. After all, we all know that if you fix problems as soon as you spot them, it will cost you money and time in the long run. Problems don’t fix themselves when it comes to your house; that’s for sure!

But we don’t always heed our own advice, and let things slide. It’s time to take the proverbial bull by the horns and get on with it. Procrastination will get you nowhere, so it’s time to get on with it and get your house ready for summer!

The windy weather has probably taken it’s toll on your garden. Grab a bag and collect up any rubbish or debris there is lying around. It really is surprising how quickly this can build up. In fact, you may need more than one bag to get rid of it all. Grab a broom and give all your path, patios and driveway a good sweep. Using a pressure washer will remove staining and any moss that has built up over the winter months. Remove weeds and you’ll find you’re starting to look better already!

Check your window and door frames. The cold weather makes them contract, so as they expand again it is possible the may have weakened a little. Even the smallest of gaps or cracks can mean that you lose heat in the winter faster than you might realise. That’s not just bad for the environment; it’s not so healthy for your pocket either. It’ll also help save on air conditioning costs if you use it to keep things cool in the summertime. If you do have an AC unit, then make sure its regularly serviced. AC repair shouldn’t cost too much. If it’s not running correctly, then it could cost you lots of money on your next bill. No one wants that sort of nasty surprise; no one can afford to throw money away!

If the exterior of your home isn’t exactly sparkling in the sunshine, then there are quick ways to brighten it up again. A fresh coat of paint on your window frames will give your house an instant makeover. While you’re at it, why not paint the front door too? There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to choosing colors for the entrance to your home, so let your imagination run wild.

When people visit you at home, the first thing they see is the exterior of your house. Everyone wants to make a good impression so make sure yours is as good as you can make it. Look after your home and it will look after you for many years to come!


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