Four Mistakes We Often Make With jewellery

Four Mistakes We Often Make With jewellery
Four Mistakes We Often Make With jewellery

We wear jewellery everyday to add some elegant chic to our wardrobe. But, just like with clothes, it is very easy to make mistakes when wearing our bling. If we pick the wrong type of piece to go with our outfit, it may end up dragging our outfit down. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing jewellery, so it’s always good to experient. Just don’t go too over the top! But, to give you a better idea of how you should be wearing your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, here are some mistakes to avoid.



Stick To Top Quality

Sometimes you’ll see pieces of jewellery that look like you could have made them at home. You know the type I mean. They are often made of a leather string and have gemstones, or even feathers threaded through them. You may think they look cute but, sadly, they also look very cheap. Put down the bargain basement pieces and invest your money in something that looks the part and you will want to wear for years to come.

Imitation Metals

An item made out of metal that has been scrubbed up to resemble silver will be a lot cheaper than buying actual silver jewellery. Also, don’t be fooled into paying big money for fake silver. You’ll be able to tell the metal is the real deal if it is weighted correctly. Another tip is to check that long necklaces or bracelets are fixed together with proper screws and clasps. Cheap versions won’t be as secure and will more likely fall apart. Want to know what you should be paying for a quality silver item? Check out what’s on offer at the Verragio ring website.

Fake Gemstones

It’s not only metals that can be faked. The jewels themselves can also be knock-offs. Don’t fall for this trick! In the shop, take a close look at the gems. Red plastic is often used to replace rubies – something you’ll be able to spot immediately. Fake diamonds don’t shine as brightly or are as clear. If you can’t afford an authentic rock, buy a piece with clear crystals in it. They are as close to the real deal as you will come.

Green Skin

Have you recently bought a piece of gold jewellery that is turning your skin green? If so, take it back to the shop! This isn’t real gold, as the metal won’t discolor you. You’ll have most likely bought a piece of copper. Copper can be a good substitute for real gold, though. So, if your item looks good and you’d rather keep it, there are things you can do to save you from turning into the Incredible Hulk! Cover the item with a thin layer of clear nail polish. This will act as a metal between the metal and your skin. You may be lucky and escape the green. Our very own body chemistry dictates whether or not we will react to the metal.

Now that you know which mistakes to watch out for, you’ll never be plagued by terrible jewellery ever again!


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