Win $1,891 from 20 Mule Team Borax!


From August 13 – September 17, Borax is teaming up to provide one lucky winner with $1,981!

Why is that you might ask?

Well, a long time ago, in a valley far far away, the Pacific Coast Borax Company was born. The year was 1891, and no one could have known that 122 years later, Twenty Mule Team Borax would still be helping people clean all around the home. So in celebration of Borax’s Anniversary, they are giving away $1,981. Pretty cool huh? 

 Have you heard of Borax or used it before?

How would you spend the $1,981?

Enter HERE daily for a chance to win


Click this link:

Remember this sweepstakes is going on through September 17, so come back every day to enter!


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