Most popular methods of car disposal

car disposal

Do you have a vehicle that is old and unused? Car disposal might the best option for you. But, disposing of the car at the side of the road is obviously not the best option. So, we have shared the best car disposal methods, and some of these can fetch you cash while being environmentally friendly too.

Most popular methods of car disposal

Donate the car

This is one of the most widely used options, worldwide. While there are no direct cash benefits, donating your unused vehicle has many other great benefits. You will be helping an organization and earning some blessings and good wishes. Then, there is a tax benefit from the government for donating it to a charitable institute.

There are times when the organizations sell off the car and use the money for their charity work. Since they are non-profitable, any money is useful to them! However, it is best if you can donate a vehicle in a drivable condition, then they will hold more value to them.

Go for auto recycling

Auto parts are highly recyclable and that is the reason why they are valuable even when sold individually. In case you are a car-buff and have a way out with vehicles, you can dismantle your unused car and sell the parts for good value. Old cars which are considered as vintage has more value and also models which have demand in the market will fetch you a good price, as you will find buyers easily and they will be ready to pay you a justified price for the parts.

Moreover, you will save a lot of economic hazards. When a car stays unused for long the shedding paint and dripping fluids from it is toxic to nature and humans. Some of these fluids are highly flammable, increasing the chances of accidents.

Sell the car to a wrecking yard

Your car might look completely damaged to you, but if you reach out to car wreckers upper Hutt, they will surely find it worth some reasonable cash.

They dismantle the car, reuse the parts directly or directly in other vehicles or for manufacturing cans, and other utensils.  Car’s metal is highly valuable and scrap yards sell them off for good value.

So, drive your car to wreck yard, hand it over to them, and return home with cash. Since there are many fake dealers in the market, do your research thoroughly before driving your car to them. Some can also provide you with online quotes once you update your car’s details on their website and get it picked up from your desired location.


If your car is in a drivable condition, you can trade it for a new vehicle. It might not fetch you hundreds of dollars, but whatever it earns you is a good discount.

The car dealers will always try to keep a good margin on profits and they always try to offer you a lesser price. Thus, before you approach them to know the valuation of your car, get all your papers, and be prepared to do good bargaining.

Sell the car

Another great way to dispose of your car is to sell it. If you want a good value for it, invest some time and sell it individuals. You can speak to your friends, colleagues and neighbors and they might help you to find a buyer. Clean the car, if required invest some minimal amount and get the basic repairs done.

In case you do not want to have sufficient time, you can consign it to the third party and they will do everything for you. They do the required repairing, market the vehicle, find the best buyer, and close the deal. Once the car is sold, they deduct a flat fee and hand over the remaining money to you.


A creative and unique option is barter – exchange your car with someone who finds it valuable, and gets something that you value.

There are many car geeks, who collect old cars, remodel them and either keep them for personal use or sell them. Finding such people might be tough, but it is truly one of the best options  – you might get to see your car in a new avatar and also get something which is rarely found in the market!


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