Grilled Chicken Ka-Bobs


Summer is the opportune time to grill. My favorite summer foods are ones that have grill marks on them. Even a restaurant cannot compare to the smell, taste and feeling I get from food fresh off the grill. So when we make grilled ka-bobs, it is a happy day. I find this recipe to be one of the easiest to make. Most of the work comes from cutting up vegetables. This time we decided to make chicken ka-bobs. 

The process is very easy: cut up your choice of vegetables and chicken, then assemble onto skewers. I chose sweet onion, yellow and orange bell peppers for the veggies. I have metal skewers so the food just slides right onto them. Once assembled, they are grilled until done. I love having grill marks on mine! 

Once grilled, I serve the ka-bobs with white rice. Yum! There is no marinating involved with the chicken. The onion and bell peppers bring so much flavor and compliment the chicken perfectly. Check out some of these grill reviews in addition by looking at the TFB65LZBC Texas Elite and letting me know what you think about it after leaving a comment on this post.

I love ka-bobs because this is another meal you can make uniquely your own. We have made steak ka-bobs or steak and chicken together. Other options of vegetables could be: green pepper, red bell pepper, pineapple, tomato…whatever you can think up! Making an assembly line and assigning a person a different item to put on the skewer, is always fun and a great way to have the whole family involved!

Simple ingredients: Cut up chicken, sweet onion, orange and yellow bell peppers. 

Alternate the items, sliding them onto the skewers. 

Grill the skewers until it reaches your choice of done.  Serve with rice (optional) and enjoy!

What You Need:

  • Metal Skewers
  • Chicken, thawed and cut into pieces
  • Instant white rice (optional side dish)
  • Your choice of vegetables

How To Make:

  1. Cut the vegetable into pieces, big enough to fit onto the skewer
  2. Slide the cut veggies and meat onto the skewer, alternating between items
  3. Grill until done
  4. Prepare instant white rice while ka-bobs are on the grill 
  5. Enjoy!


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