Joyce’s Journey Fundraiser Goal


I am happy to announce that we exceeded our goal for the Joyce Jensen Fundraiser! 

When I first thought of Running To Keep Breathing, it was just an idea that I hoped would make a little money over the month. Gosh did that little grow into big very quick!

I am thrilled to reveal we raised a total of $200 for Joyce’s Journey!

I had to move the donation goal higher because we hit our $100 in no time! 


 The generous donations that were received, show truly how giving individuals are.

It amazes me how willing and caring people go for someone they care about or do not even know! 

joyce jensen

My Dad and I also had a wonderful time running our race to raise money for Joyce. My Dad had some bets going on where he won most of them! I am so proud of how he was so determined to run this 5K race with me, for Joyce.  Here we are at the race wearing her shirts! 


Thank you to everyone who contributed and continues to give for Joyce’s Journey.

She is a remarkable woman of strength, hope, determination and courage.


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