Running To Keep Breathing


I am running to raise money for Joyce, who can hopefully receive a bilateral lung transplant

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Joyce’s Journey
Running To Keep Breathing

Joyce Jensen is a Nurse Practitioner, who works with my Dad. She treated me when I had a bad sinus infection. She made me better in no time and I never would have guessed what she was dealing with when I met her. She is currently awaiting to have BOTH of her lungs transplanted from a donor. She has to be by a phone at all times, in case she gets that phone call. She only has a matter of a couple hours to get on a plane to a Hospital and into surgery. I could not even fathom what this would feel like. 

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On June 1st, my Dad and I are running a 5K race. We are going to be running together for Joyce. Our goal is to raise $100 for her.

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Every penny literally counts!

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