*Halloween Party Favor Boxes*


When browsing on the Martha Stewart website, I came across these party favor box templates for Halloween. I am having a little get together for Halloween and thought how cute would these be to pass out or use as decorations? These are free templates so all I had to do was print them on cardstock. They are very sturdy and will hold candy. I might use some to hang around the house or place LED lights in them to use as candles also. The total time took about ten minutes and I was done. They are perfect party favor boxes and I am looking forward to handing them out!

free martha stewart printables

My supplies

free halloween martha stewart template

Print template on cardstock and cut along the lines 

free martha stewart printables for halloween

Fold the paper along the orange lines to create the flaps

cheap halloween decorations

Glue together the bottom and side flaps to create the box

free halloween templates

Paper hole punch the two white dots 

easy halloween craft

Use yarn or ribbon to tie a loop 

candy box for halloween craft

Insert the loop through the non-flap side of the box first

halloween easy decorations

Then pull the loop through the hole on the side with the flap and tuck the flap into the slip you cut

martha stewart halloween party favors

You now have a party favor box

free template for halloween party favors

Would be a cute ornament to hang also

halloween party favor craft

My two completed party favor boxes complete with candy to fill 




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