*The Bat Wall*


Instead of having a bat cave, I have a bat wall. It is the ultimate completion to my Halloween decorations. I have a huge wall in the house that is hard to decorate because of all the space. When I saw this template, I knew it would be perfect. The more bats the better! It does take time to trace and cut out the bat wings, but it is definitely worth it. I printed the template and traced it onto black cardstock (On sale at Michael’s for $4). I then cut out the wings, glued them together, bent the wings down and hung them up. Simple as pie. I want to make more to scatter throughout the house. Even on the front door would look so eerie, so many options to have fun with the bat wings!

bat template

My supplies: Black cardstock, template, black sharpie, scissors and a glue stick.

bat printable

I printed the template and cut it out 

bat decorations

I then traced the template onto the cardstock with my sharpie

easy bat craft

Then I cut the wings out with my scissors 

how to make bat wings

I applied glue on the tab where the body of the bat is

bat halloween decorations

I then took another wing and pressed the two together so they are twins

halloween craft ideas

I bent the wings down and let dry

easy halloween decoration ideas

I also had a big helper to assist me. He mostly squished the bats but it is the thought that counts!

cheap halloween decorations

Once dry, I used tape to hang the bats on the wall

bat wings

You can see I applied tape on the tip of the wing and let the bat hang freely. The tape shows up on camera more than to the naked eye.

halloween bat wing craft

The bat wall!

making bat wings for halloween out of paper

Flying into the night

halloween decorations

Like I said, the more the better

paper halloween decorations

bat wing halloween decorations

I love how they stick out from the wall and are so dimensional 

halloween bat decorations to make


How To Make:

  • Print the template pattern and cut out bat wing along lines
  • Trace onto black cardstock or construction paper with a sharpie or dark colored marker
  • Cut out the wings
  • Apply glue along the very edge of the body, not the wings
  • Attach another wing to the glue part so you have two wings glued together
  • Bend the wings down 
  • Let dry and hang using one sided, duck, or double sided tape


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