*Mr. Clean To The Rescue*


One day I opened my pantry closet and I caught a wave of a very foul odor. I immediately looked down at my recycle and bottle plastic bins. I assumed this scent was coming from the recycle bin, so I changed the bag and wiped the bin clean. I was quickly proved wrong. When I opened the door again I could still smell the scent. So I took the bottle bin out, removed the bag and to my surprised found a whole lot of mess waiting for me at the bottom. The bottles must have leaked through. I did not want to make this a long cleaning project, so I poured some water in the bin and grabbed my magic eraser. I started wiping the bin and the spots immediately went away. This took me only five minutes to clean the whole bin, even the outside. After I was done wiping, I rinsed the bin out with water, wiped dry and it looked good as new. The magic eraser saved the day again and the pantry closet is now back to its normal smelling self!

cleaning a plastic bin

The lovely surprised I was greeted with after I removed the bag

uses for magic erasers

Added some water to thinly cover the bottom of the bin and started wiping with my magic eraser

how to clean stains off plastic

I can almost see my reflection

cleaning plastic

After I rinsed the bin out with water and wiped dry…problem solved!



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