*Erasing Pan Grease*

clean pan with a magic eraser

While cleaning my pan after dinner I noticed how greasy and scuffed up the bottom is. I take good care of my pans yet some things such as grease stains, you just cannot control. I got out my magic eraser, wet it under the faucet and started scrubbing. Take a look at my before and after pictures!

using a magic eraser on a pan

Before: Brown grease stains all over my nice pan

cleaning a pan with a magic eraser

I wet my magic eraser so it was damp and starting scrubbing in circular motions 

magic eraser on a pan

Using those arms muscles

clean pan with a magic eraser

After: What a huge difference. It did not completely get rid of all the stains, mainly because I was impatient and only scrubbed for 3-5 minutes. But in that small amount of time, the magic eraser visibly illuminated most of the grease. I am planning on doing this on all of my pans and spending more quality time scrubbing away!


Magic Eraser


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