*Dream in Glitter Green*

painting a wooden sign

My sister recently bought a “Dream” wooden sign from a home products store. It is really cute, but displaying it with just the wood, was not having it for me. I told her we would give it a makeover. I had a sample paint jar that I bought just for projects such as this. Did you know that paint stores sell the paint that turned out wrong for cheap? I got this gorgeous lime green color for only 50 cents! Make sure you scope it out next time you are there. We started by painting the sign and then used a glitter spray paint over the lime green.

wooden glitter spray painted sign

The wooden sign

do it yourself glitter wooden sign

We used a foam brush so the color would go on even

glitter wooden sign

glitter wooden sign craft

painting a wooden sign

Already looks better

spray painting a wooden sign

I sprayed the sign with a very light coat of the glitter

glitter dream sign

I used Krylon Glitter Blast in Silver for the color

To prevent fallout from glitter, use a spray paint sealer. I used Rust-oleum crystal clear enamel

spray painting wood

Let dry and display

painting wood

A little blurry, but you can see the glitter

how to paint wood

Dream in Glitter Green

make your own glitter sign

glitter dream sign project

I love how it turned out, it has personality now!



  • Paint sign with foam brush OR spray paint sign
  • Let dry
  • Use glitter spray paint over first coat of paint using very light coverage
  • Let dry
  • Seal with a clear enamel spray paint to prevent glitter fallout 


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