*Past & Present Halloween Ideas*


I have been inspired this year so much by Halloween do it yourself ideas. Of course, this is because of Pinterest. I always enjoy making Halloween decorations. I have been browsing different websites to get ideas for this year and came across cheap, easy and less time consuming projects. Also for the pumpkin carving impaired such as myself, I found cute templates to use. It is fun to browse different ideas and see what you can come up with!

Here are some pictures of the previous two Halloween’s where I did NOT have Pinterest and made these crafts all on my own…if you want to know how, ask and I will be happy to give instructions! 

Last Two Years of Projects I made (and did not have Pinterest yet):

Do it yourself Spider Web

Dry Ice in a cauldron…sets the mood!

Glow in the dark ghost balloons…we hung these outside in our trees so it looked like they were floating and they really would glow at night!

I made glittered pumpkins and bought spiders and “body parts” from the Dollar Tree to make a centerpiece

I made witch’s hats and a jello brain

We had a Pirate Pit

The Graveyard

Our costumes. I just re-used a cape and witch’s had I already had with a green shirt.


::This Season 2012’s Ideas I enjoyed::

*Click text below picture for link on how to make*

Free Halloween Printable Templates

Free Pumpkin Carving Printable’s

Candle Tower

Cobweb Cookies

Spider Sacks

Stack-able Pumpkins

Web Jars

Monogrammed Pumpkin

Insect plates

Caramel Stick Apples

Make Your Own Pumpkin Family


Lace Candles

Non-Alcoholic Cemetery Punch

*Can’t you tell Halloween is my favorite Holiday!*


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