*Yarn Flower Vase*

yarn and glass bottle craft project

I love do-it-yourself days! I had a lot of leftover yarn which I wanted to use. I have a collection of a couple glass bottles to use for crafts and figured I would use the yarn to wrap around the bottles and create vases! 

Glass bottle yarn craft

Yarn, a hot glue gun and a bottle is all I needed

do it yourself bottle craft

I hot glued the end part of the yarn to the bottle so it would stay in place 

Wrap yarn around a bottle

Then I wrapped the yarn around and around the bottle, very tedious 

Use yarn as a vase around a glass bottle

Once you are at the top, snip the yarn and hot glue the end piece to the top of the bottle

yarn and glass bottle do it yourself

All done!

wrap yarn around a bottle

I also had some green yarn so I made a vase using that

yarn bottle craft

do it yourself bottle craft

yarn vases

Same color yarn, two different vases

Glass bottle yarn craft

Love this combo of colors

do it yourself easy vase yarn project

My sister made this rainbow vase…love the purple flower

yarn and glass bottle craft project

The Collection

yarn glass bottle vases

The fabulous group of vases! It would be fun to make these for each Holiday! A great way to reuse and recycle old glass bottles…start collecting and wrap away!


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Hot glue the end piece of yarn to the very bottom of the bottle so it will stay in place
  • Wrap the yarn all the way around the bottle to the very top
  • Towards the middle, if the yarn slips and will not stay, use your hot glue gun to glue the yarn in place
  • Once you reach the top, snip the yarn and hot glue the end piece to the bottle
  • Let dry and handle carefully 


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