*Magic Mirror*

spray painted mirror

It was time to paint my mirror white! Since I have a new paint color on the walls, white matched so much better than the black. To do that, I used Spray Paint of course! This only took about fifteen minutes and I was done. I taped the mirror with a magazine (it was a Victoria’s Secret magazine, hence the censored area..that is all I had!)  spray painted the frame white, let dry and was done! 

spray painted mirror


The mirror part was covered with magazine paper

do it yourself spray painted picture frame

Spray painted the frame white

spray paint a picture frame project

Let dry and took off the paper

spray paint a frame

There it is against the natural gray wall color…fresh and looking new!


  • Mirror
  • White Spray Paint
  • Paper to cover the mirror
  • Tape


  • Cover the mirror with paper, use tape if needed to overlap the paper for no holes
  • In a well ventilated area, spray paint the frame of the mirror
  • Let dry all the way


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