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I have been talking about my weight loss and my diet but have not gone into it much. I figured I would show you mostly with pictures. I have been on a 4 month journey from being in the worst shape of my life to the very best shape I have ever been in (even better than high school). I did all of this MY way. I wanted to fit in a diet that would revolve around still eating my favorite foods. I also hate the “fitness fads.” Chaotic DVD’s, drinking yourself silly with shakes, sticking to a crouton and water diet. None of those appealed to me and they are not realistic. I vowed to be active and change my eating habits. So what I did was enter my first 5k race and set a goal.

From flab to fit blog


I knew I had to make a change. Now I wasn’t obese but the way I felt was gross and that was enough for me. I weighed 145 pounds at 5’4″. I didn’t have enough energy, I would get out of breath easily and I ate like a pig! I had to finish everything on my plate even if I was stuffed. My boyfriend recently started a diet around the same time and he is a fitness expert. I needed his help. We decided to do this as a team and help each other out. I knew I could not accomplish my goals alone.

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fitness blog about weightloss


So we tweaked our diets…a lot! Our weakness was (and still is), food. Name it, we ate it.

Rule #1: No more going to restaurants almost every night. This has always been one of our hobbies. Having date night and going out to eat. It became a habit, a bad one. 

Rule #2: No SUGAR! I would never look at food labels when I read them. Now I have to. There is so much sugar in foods that you wouldn’t think. Label reading is a must!

Rule #3: No bread! This is my WEAKNESS! Bread, pasta, donuts, bagels, toast, etc. These = carbs…No wonder why my butt was so big!

Rule #4: Physical activity. Making time to run, walk, lift weights…anything to get you moving and your heart rate up!

This was our basic plan starting out. Talk about self control! It was so hard at first. How I missed having my donuts and pasta. Derek got me on his gym membership and I started going with him a couple times a week. I would run/walk on the treadmill and do the elliptical. I absolutely hated going to the gym (still do!) After a couple weeks, I lost a couple pounds and started to feel better. Instead of having my mouth water for sweets, I was happily eating vegetables and turning down dinner rolls!

Now I was hooked. I started running outside to train for the 5k. And to stay out of the gym because it honestly is not my favorite place to be. My goal for the 5k was to finish in 30 minutes. With only a couple weeks away I was running about 3 times a week to train for the race. I would up my pace just a little bit more each time. It seemed to be working. The week of the race, I timed myself on the treadmill and hit 30 minutes exactly. I could not believe it. I made my goal. I was very excited/anxious/nervous for the race and knew I had to push myself that much more.

Grand Rapids River Bank Run Michigan

No turning back now!

That Saturday was the big day. My very first 5k. All my training/dieting led to this. The race started and off we all went! I was loving every second. The feeling was indescribable. I was running as fast as my legs would allow. I kept my breathing steady and my pace just right. Before I knew it we were coming down the hill to the finish line. I clocked in at 27:38. I made my goal! I was ecstatic. From then on, the rest is history.

Grand Rapids, MI 5k river bank run

Me in the pink huffing and puffing away

Grand Rapids, MI 5k River Bank Run 2012

Finish line-there I am!

5k river bank run grand rapids, MI

Finished my 1st 5k ever! Look at how I was heavier here! 

5k run in summer 2012

I am now a running addict. I recently ran my 2nd 5k this summer and placed 12th out of 67. I was the 4th woman to finish!

During my 3rd 5k I WON my age group!!!! And I was the 8th woman overall out of 400 to finish! I cannot describe the feeling I had WINNING something I trained hard at everyday! 

Number 1…hard work pays off…just do it!

Accepting my 1st place trophy at the awards ceremony!

From heavy to skinny

I now run 5 days a week at 7-13.1 miles. (I am training to compete in 1/2 Marathons now). I still perfer to run outside! We happily cancelled our gym membership. I also perform ab work 3 days a week and do some weight exercises using 10lb. dumbbells.

I was also surprised with a treadmill from my wonderful boyfriend as a present. It is so I do not have to run in the dark outside. (He is more worried about it than I am!) But it makes sense. By the time I get out of work, it is dark, snowy, icy, etc. Having a treadmill I can run on whenever I want is such a great thing to have! I will miss the outdoors, but I can bear with it for a couple of months until the green grass is out again and it is warmer to be outside! 

I also upgraded to Brooks Running Shoes….they are as light as a feather! I will never go back…what a difference!

Weight loss journey

Down 3 whole pans sizes!

To this day, we do not have any bread in the house or candy, potato chips, snack foods, etc. Anything tempting we just do not buy and will never have to deal with it. Now I love my routine because I still eat what I want! We go out usually once a week and count it as our “reward night.” We also have ice cream every night. But it is the “carb smart” ice cream. My diet is all about portion control. What a different it has made. I am now in the best shape of my life and have lost 35 pounds. I could not be any more proud, happy, fulfilled and accomplished with how I feel and how I look!

All it takes is that FIRST STEP. It is not going to be easy, but it WILL be worth it!!!

In a bikini at the beach

After….what a difference!



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