Top 5 Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

Reasons to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling babies is good since it resembles the mother’s womb and helps calm, promote sleep and soothe your newborn baby. Its downside is that it can increase the risk of hip problems or risk of suffocation. In this case, always put your baby to sleep on his back. You can swaddle up in three simple steps: Legs in, hands in, and zip up. It is easy since it only requires you to your baby inside and zips it up. Some swaddles restrict arms and legs across the chest, stressing the baby, thus the patented wing design which can allow your baby access to her hands. Some swaddles also enable fast and more comfortable ways to change diapers with a 2-way zipper letting you open the bottom. Other important reasons include:

  1. Startle Reflexes

When an infant is startled while sleeping by a loud noise, a sudden touch, or a bright light characterized by the extension of the arms and legs away from the body, then drawing them back, it is triggered by any sudden changes in sensual stimulation. It starts at birth and ends at 4-6 months when the baby begins to roll over. This Moro reflex helps an essential indication of a regular and developing nervous system in your newborn.

  1. Sense of Security

Swaddling creates a womb environment by creating a slight pressure around the baby’s body, giving it a sense of security. This increases the periods of sleep with the baby also not crying for long. It makes the baby feel safe and secure and less likely to be disturbed in their sleep.

  1. Temperature Regulation
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Swaddles keep the babies warm until their bodies can regulate their temperature. Babies use their heads to regulate temperature; therefore, they should be left uncovered. To check if they’re too hot in the swaddle, you should feel her neck and see if it is sweaty. You can get warm with cozy winter wear from Love to dream shops for your infant during winter.

  1. Sleep Better

Babies should learn to settle back to sleep without your help for the first four months. They self-soothe themselves by sucking on their hands and touching their faces. It’s known to have a calming effect before they sleep. 

  1. Reduce SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome is a sudden unexplainable death of a child of less than a year of age. It is associated with problems in the ability of the baby to arouse from sleep. Swaddling allows you to place your baby to sleep while facing up, excluding the fact that they may re-breath exhaled carbon dioxide if they sleep facing down. It makes it difficult for babies to flip over.

When buying a swaddle for your baby in stores such as Love to dream store, you need to ensure that there is no excess or loose fabric that might suffocate your kid. The arms up position reduces the risk of rolling over; its hips should move freely and reduce the risk of overheating by buying a single-layered breathable fabric.


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