What Makes Brussels Chocolatier Visits a Unique Experience?

Brussels Chocolatier Visits

Chocolate production is one of the world’s largest industries, and Belgium is home to some of the world’s most popular chocolatiers. To get a taste of the rich flavors and stories that have propelled Belgium to the forefront of the industry, you need to learn what makes Brussels chocolatier visits a unique experience. 

The ‘Chocolaty’ Belgium

Belgium manufactures 270,000 metric tonnes of chocolate per year and has over 2,000 chocolate shops. The country’s chocolate fascination stems from a 150-year legacy of making some of the best chocolate in the country. But what is it about Belgian chocolate that makes it so deliciously creamy, flavorful, and melt-in-your-mouth? 

The trick is in the combination of high-quality products and professional packaging and a spirit of creativity that manages to perfect Belgian chocolate to this day.

High-Quality Chocolate

It’s impossible to deny that Belgian chocolate is of the highest standard. The cocoa beans used are the finest of their kind, and they are handled in the most efficient way possible. As a consequence, Belgian chocolate has a higher cocoa content than any other foreign chocolates. 

Chocolate is often made entirely with cocoa butter, which adds to the flavor. Furthermore, the chocolate has been refined to 12 microns (an amount perceived to be nearly equal to that of the taste buds’ sensitivity). The chocolate’s consistency is, of course, continuously monitored.

The Praline Inventors

Belgian chocolate is not only delicious, but it also has a rich history. The praline was developed in Belgium, specifically by the famous brand Neuhaus. To delight its clients, the Jean Neuhaus pharmacy wrapped the medicines in a sheet of chocolate. In 1912, his grandson turned this idea into the praline everyone knows today: chocolate treats with a tasty filling.

The Historic Shops with Delightful Chocolates 

The Grand Place, Brussels’ main square, is the city’s beating heart. The divine sweets are offered at a range of historic chocolate stores on or around the square. Each has a delectable chocolate display case and offers 100-gram blends for around €5 or different bits for about €1. 

Godiva seems to be on the top end (both in terms of altitude and price); when you fall to the other stores, the price drops significantly. Here are some more top-class chocolatiers in Belgium.

Home to the World-Class Chocolatiers

There are artisan chocolatiers in every street of every Belgian city and town; they are all excellent, and you will not be dissatisfied. But, you can focus on the most popular brands or a well-known Brussels chocolatier.  

Côte D’Or

There is no better option than Côte d’Or if you want tasty chocolate with a genuinely bold flavor. Founded in 1883, the term refers to the old name of what became Ghana, the source of much of the world’s cacao beans.


Leonidas offers high-quality chocolates at a reasonable price, enabling you to treat everyone you care for to chocolate paradise.

Chocolate Nation

It’s a unique idea with a lot of promise. They combine museums, studios, and stores in a fun and dynamic way. It is an excellent spot to make your mouth water and shop delightful souvenirs for your loved ones, and since it is good, it does not make anybody bitter.

Finally, there is more to do in Belgium than taste chocolate: museums can visit, pralines to make, and chocolate routes to follow.


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