10 Home Upgrades That Are Cool For The Summer

Cool For The Summer

The summer is the best season for any home upgrades – as you’ll be spending all of your time at home,. This could range from significant and hectic improvements to minuscule home additions. Likewise, we have prepared ten home upgrades RENEW Real Estate in Franklin says are best tackled in the summer, making your come accessible and brighter than before:

Purchase A New Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress should be at the top of your list. With this, you get comfortable sheets and good support that grants you comfortability and versatility. Your new bed will prepare you for the other upgrades you will be doing – as you always need to maintain that eight-hour-sleep schedule. 

Thus, if you need the best mattress to keep you up and going, you could always look into the best mattresses 2021 has to give you! With their quality mattress, sleep will be unlike any other as comfortability, support, and balance are maintained.

Paint Your Walls

You won’t have to worry about the harsh rain and cold winters as the summers will grant you nothing but the sun. Here, you can always paint with ease and get the new color splash done. Additionally, painting your walls will make your house shine as the old and drastic colors have been painted away with a bright and vibrant hue.

Install An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is ideal during the summertime. With this addition, you get to enjoy garden picnics or outdoor BBQs with the family. You could even add more appliances to your kitchens, such as cabinetry, sinks, dishwasher, pizza ovens, or even beer taps. You could even add a heater in preparation for the colder months as well. With an outdoor kitchen, the possibilities are endless!

Repair Your Roof

Repairing your roof is both practical and reassuring. With this, you not only protect yourself from the summer heat, but you also prepare for the harsh winter and the cold fall. Like painting, you could permanently repair your roof in the summer as there is little to no rain.

Additionally, you could always get professional help to ease your workload. With the assistance of a professional, you won’t have to worry much about making mistakes as you know that the roof repair is in good and capable hands.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

The thermostat can surely get the workout of its life when the summer heat comes. Thus, you might want to upgrade it to a more updated one that can save energy, money and give your home a tech-savvy feel. You could even get a thermostat that can be controlled from a mobile device or one that lets you control its heating and cooling patterns.

Build A Compost Bin

Building a compost bin can be beneficial not only for you but for your garden as well. Instead of getting rid of your leaves by throwing them away, you could expand their use by putting them in a compost bin. With this, you could quickly get rich food for your garden plants through a natural and easy process!

Improve Your Guest Room

Your guest room will be put to great use as your friends and family will be staying more in the summer because of BBQ nights. Furthermore, it’s only vital that you need your guest rooms to be ready. If you don’t have a guest room, it’s best to remove all the junk in your spare room, move it to the attic or garage and move in an extra bed and dresser for your guests. You need to ensure that every element in the rooms screams comfortability to make your guests feel at home.

Install Window Covers

If you don’t want the harsh summer sun inside the house, you could always get window covers. It doesn’t have to be too dark as it could also be light in fabric and color. With a light surface, you can still get the partial sun without it being too harsh on the skin. Additionally, you could also get blinds if you want to block out the sun as well entirely. This will ensure that not a ray of sunlight can come in.

Get A Fan

A ceiling fan is one way to keep your house cooler in the summer. If you don’t have space for a ceiling fan, you could always get a tower fan as well. However, remember that a ceiling fan will be more wallet-friendly than a tower!

Improve Your Deck

Your deck will be another place where the whole family will get to bond in the summer. Thus, you may want to improve your deck by giving it a new splash of paint or new wood flooring. With this, the family will get to enjoy summer days in a bright and vivid spot!


Summer days can indeed be lengthy – and what better way to make it un-boring than indulging in these summer home upgrades. With this, you will feel more relaxed, safer, and reassured in a more stable and secure home. Thus, get your grit going and start these summer upgrades!


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