Go Ga Ga Over Infrared: The Sauna Way Infographic

Go Ga Ga Over Infrared: The Sauna Way Infographic

It might sound like fiction, but the benefits of infrared saunas are backed by scientists, celebrities, and most importantly, Tasteful Space!  Using infrared heaters to heat our skin (a technique which makes this type much more effective than a regular sauna), infrared saunas have a long list of proven benefits for everyone. Having trouble losing weight? An average infrared sauna session burns more calories per hour than an hour spent cycling, jogging or playing tennis! Feeling a little stressed out? Dr. Lawrence Wilson says that infrared sauna therapy is an effective way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression! Do you need a detox, or lower blood pressure, or help dealing with body pain, or help fighting cancer? Then infrared saunas are for you, and if you’re not convinced then UK Saunas have put this infographic together that might help win you over:

Go Ga Ga Over Infrared: The Sauna Way infographic

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