Fall Layers


Fall is the time of year I enjoy bundling up and piecing together different items in my closet. I visited my local apple orchard and wanted to wear my Hunter Boots because it was wet and rainy. I decided to pair them with my shambray shirt, reversible vest, and matching scarf.

I had a fun time drinking hot cider, eating pumpkin spice donuts, and playing in the leaves. I was comfortable and stayed warm without having to cover up in a coat.

I believe there is no wrong when it comes to layering!

What are your go-to items when you layer?


Top: Macy's $30 (similar)

Purchased: 2 years ago

Reversible Vest: American Eagle $40 (similar)

Purchased: 5 years ago

Leggings: JC Penney $15

Purchased: 3 years ago

Boots: Hunter Boots $160 (similar)

Purchased: 2 years ago. You can find my color (magenta) on other websites.

Scarf: Aeropostale $15 (similar)

Purchased: 6 years ago


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