*Happy Halloween!*

 Happy Halloween! I know it is officially over, but I have to write a post about my favorite Holiday! It still amazes me how you prepare for months all for one day. It sure is worth it though. I had a ball this past Halloween. For the first time ever, my costume was something scary. I went as a vampire. It was so much fun painting my face and adding blood with fangs. I also had my brother and sister over to celebrate with a mini Halloween party. We painted pumpkins, played pin the tail on the black cat, binged on "gross" food and devoured the delicious desserts. It was a fun time which I always wish would have lasted longer. Holidays go too fast!

Now that Halloween is over, it is time to change gears and get in the mood for Thanksgiving. Before I know it, it will be here. The Christmas trees are up in stores and already advertising on TV and the radio. Still too soon for me. For now, I am still enjoying the fun time I had on Halloween, my favorite Holiday! I posted a collection of pictures from my costume to the decorations and pumpkin carving. Halloween 2012 was one to remember! 

halloween decorations

Spooky sign with streamers 

halloween decorations

The skulls and candles lite up, which was very eerie at night

halloween decorations

A pumpkin trail

halloween decorations

Scary "Beware" sign with bloody cheesecloth

cheap halloween decorations

Eek, I spy mice in the house!

vampire costume

My vampire costume

vampire makeup

vampire makeup for halloween

 I had a lot of fun putting this costume together, the only thing I paid for was the makeup kit for $3.00

pirate and vampire costume

My sister the pirate 

cat halloween costume

My kitty was a pumpkin! His hat only lasted about .5 seconds before he took it off

cat costume for halloween

The Great Pumpkin!

pumpkin painting

The white pumpkin I painted

painting pumpkins

All of the painted pumpkins

My Jack Skellington pumpkin template for carving

carving pumpkins

I cut out the template and traced it onto my pumpkin

how to carve a pumpkin

The most time consuming part was the tracing, carving was a breeze!

pumpkin seed recipe

Cannot wait to make pumpkin seeds 

pumpkin carving

My pumpkin on the left and my boyfriends on the right

jack skellington pumpkin template

Jack Skellington all lit up and glowing

jack skellington pumpkin

Happy Halloween!


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