Is Spain one of the countries with the highest infidelity rates?

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What does it mean to be unfaithful? Flirting with others, sending “risqué” messages, experimenting with sexting, kissing someone else, having sexual relations with another person? Or perhaps seeking an encounter with an escort from Skokka Australia?

These are challenging questions that involve deeper emotions like love. Nowadays, relationships, physicality, and feelings have a wide range of interpretations. This means there are many ways to understand them.

There are partner swaps, no-strings-attached affairs, open relationships, and more. The way each person relates and creates their “rules of fidelity” varies greatly. Especially in recent years, minds have opened up thanks to increased freedom, the internet, and the growth of the feminist movement.

Despite this, for traditional monogamous relationships, most people agree on their answers. In this context, having sex with others is the most common definition of infidelity, followed by kissing on the lips. However, there are other things that some consider synonymous with infidelity, such as sexting, fantasizing about others, meeting Mumbai escorts, for example, or watching pornography.

So, from this point on, in which country are people more likely to be unfaithful? Is it Spain, perhaps? Internationally, this country is known for its beaches, sun, open-mindedness, parties, bullfights, flamenco, and beauty. One could easily assume that it accumulates a high number of infidelities for these reasons. However, it’s curious that studies and surveys show otherwise. Other countries surpass it, including Norway, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Thailand, with the latter scoring the highest.

Regarding Latin America, it’s no exception. Argentina has the highest number of infidelities, followed by Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay. Most of those seeking extramarital relationships turn to classified ads on online platforms like Skokka.

But why is this the case? What makes people in one country more unfaithful than others? It could be due to culture, tradition, history, or simply a higher sexual desire.

Historically, sexuality has always been surrounded by prejudices, stereotypes, taboos, and a multitude of diverse opinions. Infidelity, in particular, has often been strongly frowned upon and even punished severely in some cases.

Today, it’s a controversial topic. It seems that infidelity is a matter of being either faithful or unfaithful, as Shakespeare might say. There’s no middle ground. And if it has happened once, there seems to be a higher likelihood of recurrence. It’s associated with issues of trust, insecurity, and dissatisfaction. Why seek someone else when you already have someone?

From there, doubts and jealousy arise, leading to arguments that jeopardize the couple’s unity and stability. So, is it possible to forgive and forget infidelity?

For most, it’s not, but some do consider it. In the end, it seems to depend on one’s perspective. It’s not just about sex. Although men have traditionally been seen as the more unfaithful gender, at least openly admitted, more women are now contributing to the statistics of infidelity. This has often been attributed to the belief that men have greater physical needs for sex, while women are more reserved and focused on emotional connections. But this is not entirely true, as women have just as many, if not more, fantasies than men. However, having fantasies is not the same as being unfaithful, right?

When looking at data on how sexually active the residents of each country are, it’s interesting to see that they often coincide. In the top 10 countries with the most satisfaction and sexual activity, you can find names like Mexico, Spain, Germany, Italy, or Brazil. Similarly, in the list of countries where women have sex on the first dates, names like Denmark, France, Norway, and Spain (again) appear.

Is it coincidence or consequence? It’s hard to reach a conclusion regarding the entire matter. Ultimately, it depends on each person’s approach to sexuality. Because sex is natural and part of everyone’s life, whether it’s with friends, partners, strangers, or professional escorts.

The key is to know oneself, be honest, and consistent with one’s desires. The most intimate relationships are built on communication and consensus, striving for balance. Whether one has a greater or lesser sexual desire, there are plenty of options and types of relationships to choose from. And if, for some reason, one is unfaithful, at least try not to get caught in the act and be prepared to face the consequences if it happens.

Especially in the current pandemic situation, where quarantine, social distancing, and the risk of infection have reduced the possibilities of having more intimate, physical, and personal encounters. So, we’ll have to wait and see whether COVID-19 has increased infidelity rates or if it has encouraged people to seek deeper, more meaningful connections beyond sex.


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