Ideal Size for a Reach-In Closet


The ideal size for a reach-in closet depends on two main factors: the available space in your room and your storage needs.Standard custom reach-in closet systems typically range from 3 to 8 feet wide and 24 to 30 inches deep. This size range is designed to accommodate a variety of clothing, from folded items and shoes to longer garments like dresses and coats. The height can vary but usually extends up to 8 feet (96 inches) to maximize vertical storage space.

Short vs. Tall Reach-In Closets: Pros and Cons

Short Reach-In Closets (Under 72 inches)

  • Pros:
    • Easier access to all items for people of all heights.
    • Less likely to accumulate unused items at the top.
    • Can be more aesthetically pleasing in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Cons:
    • Limited vertical storage space, making it challenging to store long items or add additional shelves and drawers.
    • Might require additional storage solutions outside the closet.

Tall Reach-In Closets (Over 72 inches)

  • Pros:
    • Maximizes vertical space, allowing for more storage options such as extra shelving, double hanging rods, and overhead compartments.
    • Ideal for storing a wide variety of items, including long dresses and coats.
  • Cons:
    • Harder to access items stored at the top without a step stool.
    • Can feel imposing or cluttered in small rooms.

Starting from Scratch: Where to Begin

If you’re new to closet organization and unsure where to begin, follow these steps to create a functional and stylish space:

  • Assess Your Needs: Take inventory of what you plan to store. This will help determine the size and type of storage solutions you need.
  • Measure Your Space: Knowing the exact dimensions of your space is crucial before making any decisions.
  • Research: Look up different closet designs and organization ideas. Inspiration can come from anywhere—magazines, Pinterest, or home improvement shows.
  • Plan Your Layout: Consider your daily routine and what items you need most accessible. Use this to plan a layout that’s both efficient and practical.
  • Think Vertically: Don’t forget to utilize vertical space with shelves, hooks, and rods to maximize storage.

Why Consider a Custom Closet Company

While DIY solutions can work well, there are several reasons to consider hiring a custom closet company:

  • Expertise: Custom closet companies have the experience and knowledge to maximize your space effectively, offering solutions you might not have considered.
  • Customization: They can tailor every aspect of your closet to fit your specific needs and preferences, from the layout to the materials and finishes.
  • Quality: Professional companies use high-quality materials designed to last, ensuring your investment is protected.
  • Convenience: Working with a professional service saves you the time and hassle of measuring, cutting, and installing everything yourself.

In summary, the best size for a reach-in closet depends on your personal storage needs and the dimensions of your room. Each closet height option has its benefits and drawbacks, which should be weighed carefully against your requirements. For those feeling overwhelmed or seeking a polished, high-quality finish, consulting a custom closet company can provide personalized, expert solutions that make the most of your space.


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