Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo- A possibility or a myth?


The mountains and the villages of Nepal are the most peaceful places in the entire world. Once you are on the Road, hiking on the trial of the Himalayas you will experience utmost peace and thrill in your heart. Nothing can beat the experience of trekking in the mountains. Only people who have done solo hiking know how great it feels to explore a land on their own. It not only makes them strong physically but also gives them mental power to tackle the issues of their life. Manaslu Circuit Trek being a newly emerging off-beaten trekking trial of Nepal is a great destination for Travel enthusiasts. It is also an ideal destination for the solo traveler because the path is mostly leveled and you will get to visit different villages and make new friends while also making wonderful memories. And since the trail passes via the village, one doesn’t need to worry about wild animals. This article talks about the pros and cons of Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo and if it’s worth it. 

Is Solo Manaslu Circuit Trek allowed?

The Manaslu circuit trek is a restricted trekking route in Nepal. This means solo traveling in this region is not allowed. However Himalayan Master can assist you to get the permit when you have a guide and a Porter travelling with you. Do note that solo traveling in Nepal means not traveling alone or independently. You will need to have a guide to accompany you throughout the trek. And as long as you have a licensed guide who is permitted for the trek by the government of Nepal, you can travel to the Manaslu circuit solo.

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo safe?

YES, absolutely. As you will be traveling with a guide a porter who is experienced in leading a team in this particular region, you are likely to be safe. This means, there is no chance for You to miss the way or get lost along the way. Also, the path of Manaslu mostly goes via the Alpine grassland and there is very little chance of wild animal attack. The People are also very helpful and friendly, so they will be happy to assist you with anything. In cases of emergency, there will always be a helicopter ready to rescue you from the higher altitude and get you back to the safer zone. Solo traveling in Nepal is quite safe when you have an experienced guide to help you. So that will not be an issue.

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo worth it?

YES. People who have gone for the Manaslu circuit trek Solo have really loved the trial and they also have shared very good reviews with us. A solo journey to such a remote landscape is going to be difficult but at the end of the time, it is going to change your life Forever. If you go for the Manaslu circuit trek Solo, you come out to be a very strong and capable person. 

How to Prepare for Is Manaslu Circuit Trek Solo?

Firstly, you should prepare your Is Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary, which includes the trek duration and your stop for each day. Mark the village is where you will spend your night and find accommodation at the village. Finding accommodation in the villages is not possible online, so you should make phone calls booking. The next step is to find transportation up to the starting/ ending point of the trek. But before you find your accommodation and transportation you need to find a Manaslu Circuit Trek guide. If you are arranging that travel yourself and not booking with any travel agency, then you need to hire a guide online. Make sure that the guide has a license issued by the Nepal government and has been to the Manaslu circuit trek trial previously. Then the guide will assist you in finding the porter, accommodation, and transportation. Note that the guide will only help you find this thing and not arrange everything for you unless you have a travel package from agencies such as Himalayan masters. Do not you need to apply for the restricted area permit? You can apply for the permit once you are in Nepal. So, after you do some shopping, you are all ready to book a plane ticket to Nepal and book a flight to Kathmandu. 


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