All about Mickey Middleton: Biography, Controversy and More

All about Mickey Middleton and the controversy with Bryan Cranston

Who is Mickey Middleton? 

Michaelle Louis Middleton, also known as Mickey, is an American writer, author, and retired Public school teacher. She became a part of the discussion and gained popularity after getting married to the famous actor and filmmaker Bryan Cranston. 

People who wouldn’t recognize her by the name Mickey will surely recognize her as the ex-wife of Bryan Cranston. She was born in 1945 in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. Her exact birth date is not mentioned in the records, but she is presently 79 years old according to her birth year. 

Title  Description / Information
Full Name  Michaelle Louis Middleton 
Nick Name Mickey
Popularly Known as  Bryan Cranston’s Ex-Wife
Current Age  79 Years
Year of Birth 1945
Gender Female 
Nationality American 
Birth Place Daytona Beach, Florida, United States 
Sexual status Straight 
Net Worth 1 Million Dollars to 5 Million Dollars
Profession  Author, Writer, and Retired Public School Teacher
Religion Roman Catholic, Christian
Ethnicity  White 
Current Residence Mesa, Arizona, United States
Current Husband John Lane (got married in 2022)
Ex- Spouses  Bryan Cranston (divorced in 1982), Steve (divorce date not disclosed)
Sons  Stephen Newman
Daughters Katie Newman
Parents  Mary and Dr. Wilbur (passed away in 2018 and 2006 respectively)

Mickey Middleton’s Age and Physical Appearance 

As mentioned previously, Mickey Middleton is 79 years old. Consider the following table to learn about her physical specifications. 

Height 5 Feets 6 Inches
Weight 147 lb (67 Kg)
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Black
Complexion Fair 
Body Build-up  Average 

Who is Mickey Middleton’s Husband?

Talking about Middleton’s Husband, we have certain names as per the record. This is because Middleton has a long dating/marital history. As per the information and our research, Mickey was divorced twice and married three times. 

She was first married to Bryan Cranston. Yes, the famous American actor and filmmaker Bryan Cranston. This is what made Mickey popular. Everyone came to know her when she started dating and living with Bryan Cranston. However, their relationship lasted for only 5 years. The couple got mutually divorced in 1982. 

Talking about Mickey’s second marriage, it was with Steve. However, the only thing we are aware of is that Mickey Middleton married Steve after 6 months of her divorce with Bryan Cranston. Unfortunately, everything related to the couple, including their marriage and divorce dates, are unclear and undisclosed, respectively. 

After her divorce from Steve, Mickey stayed single for a long time. However, there are rumors of her dating some men. But their exact names and information are not clear. Recently, in 2022, Mickey changed her relationship status from single to married. She got married to John Lane. The couple is presently living a happy married life. They both keep sharing their pictures together on various social media platforms. 

The Iconic History Of Mickey Middleton and Bryan Cranston! 

No one knew Mickey Middleton before she married Bryan Cranston. Ironically, even Bryan wasn’t a famous actor or filmmaker when they both started seeing each other. This is because they have been together since a very young age. Brayn was a struggling actor who decided to become a police officer. But destiny had different plans for Mickey and Bran. However, the history of their love life is interesting as well as contradicting. 

The Beginning of Young Love!

Mickey Middleton and Bryan Cranston were young love birds when they got married. Thus, their love life depicts a tale of young love. According to various sources, the pair met at the Daytona Playhouse. It is a fairly popular theatre in Florida. However, the young Bryan Cranston wasn’t a famous face at that point in time. He was a young man with dreams and a love for acting that surpassed his peers. Coincidently, Mickey loved acting, too. Hence, the two spent their time together rehearsing and dreaming about when they would be famous.

Cranston Asking Out To Michaelle Middleton!

They both used to hang around a lot with each other. This clearly indicated that they were in a relationship. Additionally, there is a video of Cranston saying that he doesn’t really remember asking Middleton out. It, apparently, just happened. He also added that it was something that happened because Middleton wanted it to happen. All he could really think or care about was his career as an actor. 

A Turning Point For Bryan Cranston!

Bryan mentioned that once his stint at the Daytona Summer Music Theater ended, he was ready to move on with his life and career and say goodbye to Middleton. But, on the other hand, she said that she was ready to move with him. 

Due to this, people often see this summer program as one of the turning points for Cranston. This is because, at that point in time, he was ready to become a police officer. However, the program changed his dreams. It made him realize that he could actually make it as an actor. 

However, the couple moved in instead of breaking up and started living together. 

Mickey Middleton Getting Married To Bryan Cranston

Despite the fact that Bryan Cranston and Mickey Middleton moved in together, his mind was stuck on the future, and he wasn’t really thinking about the future of their relationship. On the other hand, Mickey was dreaming up a picture-perfect family and home with the now-famous actor. 

A couple of years into their relationship, Mickey talked about getting married again, and Cranston said later on in life, that he wasn’t really prepared to be married. But here comes the twist! Bryan wasn’t courageous enough to break up with someone like Middleton. Hence, the pair got married on 10th November 1977 at Mickey’s parents’ house in Prescott, Arizona. 

Mickey Middleton and Bryan Cranston Getting Separated

After being married for a few years, the couple eventually realized that they loved each other as people and even friends, but not as husband and wife. In the end, Cranston and Middleton were in two different places in their lives. They both envisioned their lives extremely differently. They both couldn’t make their marriage work. As a result, within five years, they decided to part ways.

How Things Went After Their Separation! 

Mickey Middleton’s divorce from Bryan Cranston was the most highlighted headline in 1982. They were the main topic of every discussion. However, even after separation, Bryan Cranston has spoken of his ex-wife in the most respectful terms. In his book, “A life in Parts, ” he says that back when they were dating, he saw her as a very accomplished, smart woman. Also, he always admires her as a person. 

Six months after parting ways with each other, Mickey decides to start a new family with Steve. She also focused on building and enhancing her writing career. 

A few months after their breakup, Cranston dated another woman who, he says in a video with Big Think, turned out to be an obsessive stalker and eventually helped him flesh out Walter’s murderous rage in Breaking Bad. He was not in a good headspace after the divorce. He also mentions that he is thankful for his acting career because it allows him a sort of catharsis in his daily life. 

Michaelle Louis Middleton’s Career 

Mickey was a pro at storytelling since her childhood. She eventually became a drama stage performer before reaching her teenageteenage. After leaving Florida and moving to California, Mickey pursued her career as an actor, writer and singer. Over there, she joined AFTRA (The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). 

It is noted that Mickey Middleton has written various plays, novels, and picture books, along with several musicals and manuals for product training. Some popular examples of the same include Egg Hide Homicide, Hearth Burn Holiday, and The Talented Teacup. 

Apart from working as a writer and author, Michaelle Louis Middleton also worked as a teacher in a renowned Public school. She achieved a lot in her career as a teacher. The Florida Humanities Council awarded Mickey with the Florida Center For Teachers Award. Additionally, Middleton also received certifications for being an Accelerated Reader Model and the best Master Class Instructor by the Renaissance Learning System. 

Talking about her present career record, Mickey Middleton is currently working as an American writer and author. 

Personal Life of Michaelle Louis Middleton

People know that Mickey was married to Bryan. However, they have no information or evidence of them getting married. This is because Mickey and Cranston had a very private wedding at Middleton’s parent’s house. They only invited a few of their close friends. However, due to a lack of mutual understanding and other issues, the couple got divorced in 1982. Mickey further got married to Steve after that. Talking about her parent’s death, Mickey’s father, Dr. Wilbur. A. Middleton, died at the age of 78 in 2006. Her mother remained a widow till 2018 and further died in the same year at the age of 88.  

Mickey Middleton’s Net Worth

Unfortunately, Mickey’s exact net worth hasn’t been disclosed. However, according to various sources, her net worth is believed to be somewhere between 1 Million Dollars and 5 Million Dollars. Mickey’s net worth is often a part of the discussion compared to her ex-husband’s net worth. This is because Cranston possesses a massive net worth of around 45 Million Dollars. 

Where is Mickey Middleton Today?

As per our research and various news sources, it is believed that Mickey is currently putting up at her house in Mesa, Arizona, United States. She is enhancing her writing skills and delivering fictional copies. She also updated her work designation as a Change Management Records Administrator at iSirona on Facebook. She made this update in December 2021. Also, there is no further update related to the same. Hence, we are assuming Mickey to be still working at iSirona. 

Winding up

This was all about Bryan Cranston’s ex-wife, Mickey Middleton. She came into notice after her wedding to the famous American actor and filmmaker. Even after being separated, they both are friends with each other. Additionally, both of them are presently living a happy married life. Mickey is constantly thriving in her professional career as a writer. Also, by accepting the offer from iSirona, she gave a new turn to her profession. Even at the age of 79, she is happy and healthy. And well, that’s what matters at the end! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who is Mickey Middleton? 

Ans. Mickey Middleton is an American writer, author, and retired public school teacher. The main reason for her popularity is due to her marriage to one of the most famous American actors and filmmakers, Bryan Cranston. 

Q2. Why did Mickey Middleton get divorced from Bryan Cranston?

Ans. The main reason they both got separated was the lack of mutual understanding. Even after dating for a long time, the couple couldn’t understand that they liked and loved each other as a person, friend, and even a partner, but not as husband and wife. However, they decided to part ways as soon as they realized this. This is the reason why Mickey Middleton divorced Bryan Cranston after five years of their marriage. 

Q3. When and how many marriages and divorces did Mickey Middleton perform?

Ans. As per the records, Mickey had three marriages and got divorced two times. She first married Bryan Cranston in 1977 and divorced him in 1982. After six months of her first divorce, Mickey married Steve. However, their marriage didn’t last long. Recently, in 2022, Middleton got married to John Lane. The couple shared a lot of pictures on various social media platforms. 

Q4. What is Mickey Middleton’s age in 2024?

Ans. Mickey Middleton was born in 1945 and her present age is 79 years old. 

Q5. How much net worth does Michaelle Louis Middleton possess in 2024?

Ans. Her net worth in 2024 has not been confirmed yet. However, it is believed to be somewhere between 1 Million Dollars and 5 Million Dollars. 


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