Examples of Reasonable Accommodations in the Los Angeles Workplace


In Los Angeles, people having any disability may require reasonable accommodation. In the context of the work environment, reasonable accommodations are adjustments and changes done concerning the environment that support employees with disability to perform their jobs.

However, there are other accommodations that a prospective employee may require during the recruitment process. It varies from employee to employee just like the accommodations allowed to every individual. There are many different types of accommodations that your employer can easily provide as they come at a very negligible cost to the employer. Let’s find some examples of reasonable accommodations in the workplace in Los Angeles.

There are many ways in which an employer can provide reasonable accommodations for their employees. Following are some reasonable accommodations that your employer can provide in your Los Angeles workplace.

Modified Work Schedule and Flexible Leave Policy

A few disabilities can cause a worker to need a modified work schedule. If obliging that schedule does not affect the employer much, then it can be a reasonable accommodation. This can include additional breaks, casual days off, half days, etc.

Job Restructuring

Job restructuring is one of the examples of reasonable accommodation that your employee can provide. For instance, your employer may reassign workload between different employees, change any employee’s location, or may even replace certain duties.

Policies Modification

Some employers have policies that may safeguard an employee with a disability to help him do his work efficiently. Such policies must be there in every company to facilitate disabled workers.

Modification or Purchase of Equipment or Devices

Several technology tools can assist a person with a disability in the workplace in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles disability discrimination attorneys at Yadegar, Minoofar, & Soleymani LLP, employers are needed to give reasonable equipment when obligatory. However, they are only responsible for the accessibility tools required for the job. Technology tools needed for regular work such as goggles or hearing aids come under the employee’s responsibility.

Physical Site Modification

At times, the way the company itself is designed acts as a hindrance for employees with disabilities. Many employers try to modify their offices to accommodate disabled persons too.

Provision of Communication Access Providers

In Los Angeles, some employees may require accommodations by way of external assistance. It may be required frequently based on the situation. It can be considered as a reasonable accommodation if providing it does not affect the employer to a great extent.

Reassignment to a Vacant Position and Light Duty

At times, a worker may develop a disability at work that prevents him from performing the job he was doing previously. In such a scenario, reasonable accommodations can be provided. However, if there are no feasible accommodations that can be given, the employer must reassign the disabled worker to another position with job responsibilities he may be able to do.

Disabled employees require reasonable accommodations in a work environment that makes it difficult for them to perform their job responsibilities. However, there are several ways through which an employer can provide reasonable accommodations to their employees with disabilities in Los Angeles. Moreover, you can find examples of reasonable accommodations in this article.


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