8 Fashion Tips for Your Next First Date


Preparing for a first date involves selecting the perfect outfit to make a memorable impression. But with so many different options, opinions, and ideas, it’s not always easy to narrow down your choice to the right fit.

That said, with the right mentality, and a few helpful pointers, you should be able to make a better, more confident decision on what to wear on your first date.

The Power of First Impressions

In an ideal world, it wouldn’t matter what you wear or how you look on a first date. Your potential partner would only judge you based on your personality, values, and other intrinsic factors. But the sad reality is, whether we like it or not, first impressions count – and our most immediate first impressions are necessarily based only on appearances. 

Being thoughtful about your outfit choice can help you make a better first impression, ultimately setting a higher standard for not only this date, but future dates to come as well.

Additionally, your choice of a first date outfit can influence your mood and mentality. The right outfit choice can fill you with confidence, helping you relax and be yourself on this exciting occasion.

Fashion Tips for Your Next First Date

These are some of the most important fashion tips for your next first date:

  1.       Be you. The first and most important tip is to be yourself. Regardless of whether you’re dating casually or have serious intention of finding a life partner, it’s important to be yourself so that you can have more authentic interactions with your romantic interests. If you dress in a style that doesn’t suit you, or if you present yourself in a way that conflicts with your personality, it’s going to work against you. There’s nothing wrong with dressing up and looking your best, but you should still dress in line with your personal tastes and disposition.
  2.       Err on the side of casual. In most social environments, it’s better to err on the side of formality, dressing at a higher, more formal level than you think might be appropriate. But on a date, it’s usually better to air on the side of casual informality. This can make you more relaxed and more approachable. An accessory like a leather handbag or purse is a great example; it’s formal enough to be part of a serious outfit, but also informal enough to make you seem casual and relaxed.
  3.       Dress for the activity. Make sure you know what the activity is going to be before you select an outfit. Wearing heels might make you feel confident and attractive, but you’re going to regret that decision if you end up going on a long walk. Similarly, you’ll want to make sure that you’re warm enough or cool enough to be comfortable throughout the date environment. If you’re not sure what you’re doing for the date, exactly, choose an outfit that’s viable for a wide variety of potential activities.
  4.       Get comfortable. Generally, it’s best to be as comfortable as possible. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you’re going to seem, the more confident you’re going to feel, and the more attention you can afford to spend on the date itself. There are probably many outfits, shoes, and accessories that look great on you, but are somewhat uncomfortable; save these for more formal occasions.
  5.       Stick with the classics. You might be tempted to choose something trendy and outgoing as part of your first date ensemble, but in most situations, it’s better to stick with the classics. Classic, timeless looks are always valuable, while more adventurous and trendy selections could make you seem pretentious or inaccessible. Obviously, this isn’t a hard rule, so use your best judgment when making your choice.
  6.       When in doubt, choose black. Black is the safest and most attractive color choice for a first date – and that’s backed by empirical research. For whatever combination of reasons, people are much more likely to find you attractive if you’re wearing black than any other color. This varies from person to person, naturally, but black is an excellent fallback if you’re feeling conflicted or if you’re not happy with any other colors in your wardrobe.
  7.       Reveal your neck. There’s nothing wrong with showing off a little cleavage, but too much can seem too forward and off putting. A good compromise between seductiveness and tastefulness is to wear something that reveals and accentuates your neck. Again, use your best judgment here.
  8.       Minimize the makeup. Makeup can work wonders and make you feel beautiful – but it can also seem fake or cartoonish. On a first date, feel free to wear makeup, but consider keeping it relatively light.

There’s no shortage of outfits you can reasonably choose for a first date. In fact, there’s nothing truly off limits. What’s important is that you choose something that fits you as a person as well as the situation you’re about to find yourself in – and preferably, something you’ll feel good wearing.


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