Safest Cities in Europe to Travel Alone

Safest Cities in Europe to Travel Alone1

Europe happens to be one of the most famous and wanted places to be in. The weather, exotic landscapes, and extraordinary cuisines make people remain in awe of it all the time. In fact, people dream of visiting Europe to let themselves soak in the environment. Besides, Europe is considered quite safe, making it a dream for solo travelers as well. Some people love the idea of going out on their own to revive their lives and find their inner selves. So, if you have a similar dream and are looking out for the safest cities in Europe to travel alone, you’ve stumbled upon the right place.

With a vast option of varied landscapes, the list below is surely not going to disappoint you. We’ve also tried to put in quite a few tips that might be quite a relief to make your trip a memorable one. So, before we dig right in to learn more about the safest cities in Europe to travel alone, let’s take a quite another section that be helpful! Start scrolling down!

Secret Tips To Make Your Solo Trip A Memorable One!

People have different dreams and wishes, and one of them can be going solo. I’ve always dreamt of visiting the world on my own but never really managed to make it to a lot of places. However, nevertheless, trying my hands out to one of the safest cities in Europe to travel alone, did teach me some important things. Before I break the surprise right here for you, let’s go through the things I’ve thought that might be helpful to you if you happen to have a similar dream:

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Do Your Close Ones Have Your Itinerary?

I completely understand the logic behind leaving home without anyone knowing but trust me, if you need to be safe, you need to share your itinerary. In that way, you can remain safe and ensure that someone knows about your whereabouts. Ideally, I happened to share my itinerary with my best friend to make sure I could reach out in case of any kind of emergency.

Don’t Carry Too Much Cash!

We all live in the 21st century and there is no need to keep too much cash at hand. Some small change should be good enough to take you around the cities and get a waffle on the roadside. However, having too much cash will increase the chances of being robbed. So, be careful about that.

What About Travel Insurance?

Most of the time we hate to pay a few extra dollars while booking. But be sure that spending an extra amount will keep you safe in case of lost luggage, ticket cancellations, illness, and more. Always make sure you are speaking to a travel insurance company about your trip and mention specifically that you will be traveling alone.

Use Your Best Judgment!

Traveling alone, especially for the first time can be overwhelming and exciting. You wouldn’t have anyone taunt you about or tell you what to do or not. But do you get the point that you are your best guide? So, keep note of a few things:

  •       Carry compact luggage
  •       Don’t indulge in too much alcohol
  •       Keep away from strangers as much as possible
  •       Use the public transport more often
  •       Keep a medical kit at hand at all times
  •       Don’t share your important documents with anyone
  •       Always carry your passport and monetary belongings with you

So, now you really have the idea that traveling alone can also mean you need to be responsible for yourself entirely. Let’s quickly check out the next segment that tells you what places are best for you to travel alone.

Safest Cities in Europe to Travel Alone

Is it safe to travel alone to Europe? Well, this happens to be quite an obvious question and with my research and my visit to one of the few places on the list, it won’t be long before you start booking your tickets. So, let’s quickly take a look and check out what they are:

Marseille, France

Safest Cities in Europe to Travel Alone
Image Credit: Traveliera

Marseille is one of the cities I visited alone until I had the opportunity to spend it with my parents. It’s got an exotic landscape with a perfect combination of beachside and mountains. The people are warm and don’t let you feel like an outsider at all. In fact, if you are considering a welcoming environment where people around you make you feel at home, this is the place to be.

The natives of this place hardly understand English, so ideally carrying an English-to-French book with you is best. Besides enjoying the streetside cafes and beautiful artificial work with flowers and trees, you are about to have the best time of your life. Also, you would like to try out the exotic nightlife which isn’t crazy like the big cities but is soothing and relaxing.

At times, you might enjoy one or two musicians around the stone buildings playing the guitar or ukulele to themselves. If you a fan of exotic architecture and fond of history, you surely will love this visit. And it’s needless to say it is one of the safest cities in Europe to travel alone.

 Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland
Image Credit: Worldpackers

Dreaming of being on the canvas that says Switzerland is a dream almost everyone has. From the mighty mountains to wonderful waterfalls, snow, and lovely chocolates, the term love is synonymous with this place. The trains taking you to different places are a delight. And of course, traveling alone makes it perfect because of the hospitable people that live there.

Tourism being one the primary sources of income for Zurich, you are open to meeting a lot of fellow people around you. If you happen to look at the crime rate of this city, you are sure to feel absolutely safe.

The transportation system is smooth and makes it safe for you to travel. Every nook and corner of this city is a treat to your eyes and surely, you will love your visit here. Small street restaurants offering wonderful delicacies are definitely a perfect choice for you to make.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

If you’re looking for the safest places to travel solo female in Europe, then Bergen undoubtedly is a perfect choice. People oftentimes prefer describing the city as the most photogenic city in the world. So, the pictures of this place are sure to have you jaw-dropping with the perfect desire to visit this place alone.

According to research, it is believed that the place definitely has a low crime rate and would surely be a great choice for anyone eager to visit. Apart from enjoying your visit to the exotic city, you can engage in going on a voyage too. Yes, that is correct! When you think about enjoying Bergen in Norway, you can surely try out the cruise with a tour around the city for a week.

Being alone might leave you wondering whether or not traveling by yourself is going to be worth it, but trust me, it is one of the safest cities in Europe to travel alone.

Edinburg, Scotland

Safest Cities in Europe to Travel Alone
Image Credit: Blonde Wayfair

If you’ve dreamt of being a part of the Harry Potter series or imagined yourself as Lord Voldemort or Harry Potter himself, or any other character, Edinburg is the place to be. With the astonishing view of the mighty castles, riding on the Potter train, and visiting the museum, this place is going to be a dream come true.

Besides, if you always want to be around castles and take a look at the wonderful works of architecture you’ve been reading about in books, Edinburg is not going to disappoint you. Since the weather in this place is pouring around the clock, being a witness to the jet-blue sky can strike you like Harry’s wand.

However, the cuisine is delightful and will suit your tastebud from whichever part of the world you are. Just keep in mind not all the food you find here is going to be spicy. Besides the city boasts of safe and convenient traveling options that make Edinburg in Scotland the perfect spot to be. Finally, I’ll conclude this city by saying it is one of the safest cities in Europe to travel alone and explore your long-adorned wish.

Como, Italy

Como, Italy
Image Credit: Makemytrip

Another place I have on my list for you to visit is Como. If you intend to visit Milan and yet be safe on your trip, I’d suggest you try keeping your base as Como. It is nestled with the exotic lakeside view and wonderfully decorated city making this a perfect choice.

Being at the foothills of the Alps, this place speaks for itself. People love to place themselves here because of the cacophony and wonderful scenic beauty. The natives of this city are warm and welcoming at all times. If you happen to get yourself lost, you can be sure to get yourself back to the hotel safely.

The transportation system in this area happens to be perfect too. And being in Italy, there is no way you wouldn’t enjoy some local pasta and pizzas. In fact, you might encounter a few places that have homemade foods as well. If you want to categorize the city, all you would have to say about it is beautiful.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
Image Credit: Worldpackers

Considering the safety of you traveling all by yourself to gift YOUR INNERSELF the perfect vacation, Copenhagen can be a great choice. The breezy city welcomes its visitors with enormous options for bike rides and more. Besides the well-equipped transportation system, makes this city great for any female to travel alone.

Keeping your head on your shoulders you can be safe around the day as well as night. But always bear in mind that Copenhagen is quite expensive. So, if you are not vigilant enough, you might end up coming back home with your last piece of savings.

Besides your long visits to the historic castles and museums, you might be interested in coming back home with a few extra calories while you’re in Copenhagen. Foodies like to refer to this city as the mecca of food with the exotic delicacies each restaurants have to offer – just name it and you’re in for a treat!

London, England

London, England
Image Credit: Tripadvisor

A British colony that boasts of wonderful adventures and delightful weather, how can I miss out on this treat? Been to London quite a few times, but the best one was the time I travelled around the city on my own.

Going into the London Eye all by myself was surely one of the best scenes I’ve gotten that will be forever imprinted into my life. Sure, the place does boast of lovely heritage buildings and a procession at the Queen’s. However, after the Queen’s demise, I’m not sure whether the procession of the changing of the guards takes place at Buckingham Palace or not. Please check the details before you stand out there to take a view.

Going around the city, shopping, and tasting some authentic English cuisine can be a one-of-a-kind experience for you. Finally, enjoy the nightlife in the city and be sure to be safe at all times.  The people here are too busy and thus, a high-paced life doesn’t expose you to danger. But remember to avail the buses and subway to avoid any encounter. If you wish to take a chance at the pub, always consider staying in the city to walk yourself to the hotel at night.

Conclusive Insights

Traveling alone can be a dream that many of you might have but are scared to take the big step. But with the ideas I’ve given you above, you surely are going to love the places and will surely be present in the safest cities in Europe to travel alone. However, don’t miss out on taking your precautions to be safe at all times. Finally, don’t forget to let me if you’ve managed to pull off a trip all by yourself and what your experience was! 


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