How Can a Domestic Violence Charge Affect Your Ability to Buy a Home?


In Colorado, there are many domestic violence laws aimed at protecting victims, even in federally subsidized housing, such as the VAWA Act. However, how can domestic violence charges affect defendants regarding housing or buying a new home?

If you are convicted of domestic violence in Colorado, it will negatively impact your life in various ways, especially concerning buying a new home. This is why defending against domestic violence charges is crucial.

A criminal defense attorney can give you a fighting chance at proving your innocence and properly mitigating your case. Contact a lawyer right away if you face such charges in Colorado. 

Here is how a domestic violence charge can affect your ability to buy a home in the Centennial state:

Criminal Record

In Colorado, a domestic violence charge can be added to other offenses, such as harassment or assault. Depending on the severity of these charges, a convicted individual will have a criminal record that can negatively impact their lives in various ways.

In many instances, supposed victims falsely claim domestic violence to ensure that the defendant is removed from their property.

Regardless of the authenticity of the charges, if the defendant is convicted, their criminal record will play a crucial role when applying for a mortgage or renting a property, as background checks are common.

In such instances, a domestic violence convict will face prejudice as their criminal record will raise concerns for landlords or lenders, potentially affecting their ability to secure housing.

Restraining Orders

In many instances of domestic violence, the alleged victims may be granted protection orders by the court for their safety. Protection orders or restraining orders can impose various restrictions against a defendant as they prohibit contact with the victim or require them to stay away from their residence.


It’s not uncommon for defendants to violate these orders in the hopes of reconciliation. However, violations for any reason can bring forth other legal consequences that will impact a defendant’s ability to secure housing or their eligibility to apply for certain loan programs.


Because of this, it’s crucial for individuals facing a domestic violence charge to seek legal guidance rather than act on impulse and take matters into their own hands.

Reputation and Creditworthiness

Domestic violence offenders might have their charges become public. This will affect their ability to seek employment, posing a considerable challenge in acquiring the necessary financial resources for a new home.


Apart from this, it will also negatively affect their reputation, not just financial stability. For example, when you seek mortgage eligibility, your lender will consider your overall financial situation and creditworthiness.


With a bad reputation or employment issues, your ability to secure a loan or meet the lender’s criteria may be compromised. 


These and other reasons are crucial aspects for why you should defend yourself against domestic violence charges in Colorado and seek a dedicated lawyer to guide you through your legal options.


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