How To Choose The Best Accent Chair


People get an accent chair primarily to add colour and personality to their living space. But it also provides extra seating and comfort, making it stylish and functional. Choosing furniture like this takes some thought. You want a chair that’s comfortable and durable but still achieves the main purpose of complementing your existing decor. In this article, we’ll review some factors to consider to choose the best accent chair for your home. 

Determine Your Style

This isn’t so much of a challenge if you already have your space and are simply adding an accent chair. In this case, you must pick a chair that fits your current setup. If you’re starting from scratch, you must pick a preferred interior design style. Accent chairs come in different styles, from traditional pieces to modern or bohemian styles. Knowing the styles you’re going for helps to narrow down your choices.

Which Room Is The Chair Going Into? 

Different rooms have different functions, and the purpose of the accent chair should align with that. For instance, if you’re picking an accent chair for your living room, you have to prioritise comfort and durability over anything else since the chair will be used often.  On the other hand, an accent chair for your bedroom is more about aesthetics and personal relaxation. Understanding the room you’ll be placing the chair in and the role it’ll play will help you determine the chair’s design, size, and material. 

Consider Size

In picking furniture for any space, you must prioritise balance and flow. For small rooms, you can opt for a compact chair that doesn’t overwhelm the area. Additionally, consider the scale of the accent chair compared to other furniture pieces in the room. It shouldn’t be so big that it ends up disrupting the harmonious arrangement of your room. 

Choose the Right Material

Some common accent chair materials include velvet, suede, leather, or rattan. Leather is generally more durable, while materials like velvet or suede are more plush and comfortable. The material of the accent chair also determines its overall visual appeal. The material you choose should align with your lifestyle while fitting into the overall theme of the room’s texture. 

photo:  1825 Interiors

Experiment with Colors and Patterns

Getting an accent chair is a fantastic opportunity to introduce vibrant colours and eye-catching patterns into your decor. In this regard, the type of chair to choose depends on the existing colour palette of your room and your personal preferences. You can either choose a chair that aligns with the existing colours or contrasts it. Mixing colours and patterns can add depth and personality to your space. An accent colour with a solid colour will stand out as a focal point in the room.

Comfort is Key

While style is crucial, an accent chair should be comfortable and functional. Comfort mainly depends on the material, seat depth, cushion depth, armrest height, etc. You’ll only find these qualities when you sit on the chair, so it makes sense to test out the chair yourself if you can. Remember that this chair will likely be used for relaxation or as an additional seating option, so prioritising comfort is essential.



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