Can Dogs Have Lima Beans

Can Dogs Have Lima Beans

For a high-fibre and cholesterol-free diet, we often include lima beans in our meals. Besides, it stabilises blood sugar levels, boosts energy, and lowers heart risk. As caring dog owners, we may want to deliver these benefits to our dogs. But can dogs have lima beans?

The good news is that lima beans can be a healthy treat for both humans and pets. However, the quantity of these legumes should be moderate, and they should be cooked. While picking these beans for your dog, you should be careful. Because dogs cannot eat canned beans, but they can eat fresh beans. There are more cautions that we need to know while offering lima beans to our paw friends. So stay tuned.

All About Lima Beans

Lima beans, also known as sieva beans,  butter beans, and double beans, are a kind of legume. They belong to the Fabaceae family and the genus Phaseolus. Their shape is round and flat, with a smooth texture. These beans come from pods and offer several nutrients. These nutrients are vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, iron, protein, fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Can Dogs Have Lima Beans

Lima beans not only offer a flavorful taste but also many health benefits. Such as good heart health, digestive health, brain health, prevention from anaemia, diabetes, being overweight, and many more.

In markets, you will find these beans in various forms, like dried, frozen, fresh, and canned.

Can Dogs Have Lima Beans?

Thankfully, lima beans are chock full of nutrients with zero toxic compounds. It has almost everything that a dog needs in his daily life. So yeah, lima beans are safe for dogs. Just make sure not to offer them canned lima beans, as they are full of sodium. Also, avoid raw lima beans, as our canine friends can’t digest them. It means you have to cook the beans before including them in their diet.

Even if lima beans are only good, you can’t add them to your dog’s meal with a click. First, you must ask his vet since past health records play a crucial role in deciding what dogs should eat or not.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Lima Beans For Dogs?

Dogs can have lima beans not only because they are safe to eat but also because of their nutrients. Lima beans are high in protein and fibre. Protein will help your furry friend get healthy muscles and make him feel fuller for a long time. Hence, your overweight dog can lose weight from eating these beans. Also, this plant-based protein can speed up his recovery, curb hunger, and boost his metabolism.

The fibre present in lima beans will regulate dogs’ digestive systems and prevent constipation. This will also lower the blood sugar levels, which can be good for diabetic dogs. Along with fibre, the low glycemic index in lima beans can regulate blood sugar levels.

Another benefit that these legumes provide is good heart health. Thanks to their soluble fibre. This will not only lower the cholesterol level but also protect body organs from inflammation.

With some antioxidant properties, lima beans can protect your dog from free radicals. These properties can also aid in his heart health.

Other nutrients in these beans include vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Vitamin B6 is a boon for brain health, nerve health, and muscle health. Again, iron will promote your dog’s haemoglobin level, and magnesium will take care of his muscles and blood sugar levels. Last but not least, potassium will keep his blood pressure in check and promote muscle contraction.

What Are The Risks Of Having Lima Beans For Dogs?

Not every time lima beans can be your dog’s best friend. Sometimes it can pose health threats to him if he doesn’t take it properly. For instance, lima beans contain lectins and phytic acid. These compounds can interfere with dogs’ nutrient absorption, especially when they are raw. That’s why we suggest offering soaked lima beans to them.

Eating these legumes in high amounts means taking in more fibre. Meanwhile, too much fibre can be a reason for flatulence, bloating, and gassiness.

Although lima beans have a low glycemic index, the glycemic index is still there. If your dog eats these beans too much, he is indirectly consuming too much glycemic index. This can increase his blood sugar level instead of decreasing it.

Dogs who can’t withstand plant-based foods may not withstand lima beans either. If your furry friend falls into this category, he may suffer swelling, itchiness, and gastrointestinal distress from consuming these beans.

Sometimes we offer canned lima beans to our pets, thinking that these beans are safe for them. Well, it is the fresh and organic beans we are talking about. Cannes lima beans have salt, spices, and preservatives, which can disrupt dogs’ health. These can increase their blood pressure level and cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach pain.

How To Offer Lima Beans To Dogs?

Make sure the lima beans that you are offering to your paw friend are fresh and organic. Then take a substantial portion of them, rinse the beans thoroughly, and soak them in water overnight. The next morning, the beans will become tender, and your dog can have them easily.

Another way to prepare lima beans for dogs is by simply cooking them. You can boil, steam, or roast the beans. Just make sure not to add any salt or seasonings. You can add those beans to your dog food or over the white rice that you will give him.

Can Dogs Have Lima Beans

Don’t let your dog eat lima beans in moderation for the first time. Introduce them to him. First, offer him one cooked bean. If he is fine and looking for another bean, you can offer him one more. But if he is ignoring or giving bad reactions, stop feeding these legumes to him. Also, don’t forget to ask his doctor before introducing lima beans to your dog’s diet.

How Many Lima Beans Can Dogs Have?

The amount of lima beans should not be more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake. Alongside, you have to consider the size of your canine friend before deciding the amount.

Small dogs and Chihuahuas can eat one teaspoon of cooked lima beans. Border Collies and other medium dogs can have two teaspoons. Saint Bernards and other large breeds can have up to ½ cup of lima beans.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Lima Beans?

Can dogs have lima beans every day?

Although lima beans are nutritious, dogs cannot have them every day. Since they are high in fibre, taking them regularly can increase dogs’ fibre intake, resulting in digestive upset.

What beans should dogs not have?

Broad beans are mostly considered unsafe for dogs, as they result in vomiting and upset stomachs. Besides, raw kidney beans fall into the unsafe category for dogs because of their lectin compound.

Can all pets eat lima beans?

As lima beans have no toxic compounds, they can be safe for all pets and mammals. Just keep the amount moderate because taking too many lima beans can be the reason for an upset stomach.

Why are lima beans good for health?

B vitamins—protein, iron, and fibre—are something that we need to have a healthy body. Luckily, lima beans have all these nutrients, which can promote a healthy body in humans and animals.

Final Thoughts

Since lima beans can have downsides sometimes, we may think again: Can dogs have lima beans? The answer is yes if you are offering cooked, plain lima beans in moderation.

We know these beans can be hazardous for dogs’ health when taken in excess. If your dog ever eats them in large quantities, you should stay calm and monitor his symptoms. Meanwhile, offer him water to drink and inform his vet.


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