Christina Applegate Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Christina Applegate Net Worth

Good acting can drive a film to its success. Christina Applegate is one of the actresses who became influential in films and television. She attracts people through her acting skills. Because of this, she became a highly-demanded actress in the industry and gained massive wealth. Today, we will discover Christina Applegate net worth and the facts behind it.

Who is Christina Applegate?

Christina Applegate is an American actress. She started acting from an early age. She got massive recognition by playing the starring character of Kelly Bundy in Fox Network’s sitcom Married… with Children (1987–1997). Christina also acted in several hit films that became successful at the box office.

Short Bio of Christina Applegate

Full Name Christina Applegate
Birthdate November 25, 1971 (age 51)
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5’ 5” (1.65 m)
Profession Actress
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $25 million

Christina Applegate Net Worth

Christina Applegate’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at $25 million. Acting in a lot of hit films is the main reason behind this massive net worth. Besides films, she also appeared in several longest-running television series. Most of her acting projects became successful, which made her one of the highest-paying actresses in the industry.

Early Life

Christina Applegate was born in Los Angeles, California. Her father, Robert William “Bob” Applegate, was a producer for the famous recording label Dot Records, and her mother, Nancy Priddy, is a singer. They were separated soon after Christina’s birth. Later mother married musician Stephen Stills.

Christina Applegate Net Worth

Christina began acting at an early age. She appeared as a child artist in many films and television series. She attended her high school at Excelsior High School in California. During this time, she joined dance classes and learned various kinds of dance like jazz, ballet, etc. After completing graduation, Christina became a full-time artist and never went to university.

Sources Behind Christina Applegate Net Worth

Early Career Breakthrough

Christina made her screen debut in 1972 when she was three months old. She appeared in Days of Our Lives with her mother. Later, she started her child artist career in 1981 by appearing in the popular film  Beatlemania.

As a child artist, she also appeared in several television shows and series, such as Grace Kelly, Charles in Charge, Silver Spoons, Amazing Stories, and others. In 1986, Christina got her starring role in Heart of the City. She completed a total of 13 episodes of this series. From there, she gained her fame and popularity.

With this fame, she starred in a popular television series, Married… with Children, in 1987. This series became very popular worldwide. As a result, she achieved wider fame and got the leading role in Katt Shea’s drama film Streets. These early roles built a foundation for her future net worth and also allowed her to accumulate much wealth from the beginning of her career.


After completing a leading film role debut, Christina got many film offers from several agents, directors, and producers. As a result, she signed starring roles in several films. In 1991, she starred in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, which earned $25.1 million at the box office. She got her another success by starring in The Sweetest Thing (2002). This film became popular at that time and earned $68.7 million in total.

Because of these successful records, Christina became a highly demanded artist in the industry and started charging a high rate for her acting. Christina starred in a lot of popular and hit films from the early 20s. Such films are Heroes, Grand Theft Parsons, View from the Top, Employee of the Month, and so on.

Most of her films were successful and earned millions at the box office. Also, her latest film, A Bad Moms Christmas, earned $130.6 million at the box office. She was paid a massive amount for every film she acted in. These earnings became one of the main sources of her net worth.


Besides films, Christina has also made an influential position in television. She appeared as a main cast in many popular longest-running television series. In 1978, she starred in Married… with Children. This series ran until 1997, and she completed a total of 259 episodes as a lead character.

Christina Applegate Net Worth

Later, she got another starring role in Jesse and completed 42 episodes. She also completed 35 episodes of Up All Night as the leading character of Reagan Brinkley. With this success, she also starred in many other longest-running television series, such as  Samantha Who?, So You Think You Can Dance,  Web Therapy, Dead to Me, and others.

Christina also made guest appearances in many popular television shows and series, like Amazing Stories, Family Ties, 21 Jump Street, Friends, and so on. Christina also appeared in several television films. In 1983, she made her television film debut as a minor role in Grace Kelly.

Later, she starred in Dance ’til Dawn TV film, which became very popular. With this success, she also starred in Prince Charming and Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. Christina was paid a good amount for her every appairence on those television films and series. Earning from these television programs became another main source of her net worth.

Voice Over

Christina has voiced on many animated films and television cartoon series. In 2007, she voiced Farce of the Penguins, and then Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore in 2010.

Later she got her biggest voice role success by giving voice to the animation film series Alvin and the Chipmunks. She gave voice to the starring character Brittany Miller and continued this voice role in all of the three films of this series. It became a very popular film worldwide. This film series earned almost $1 billion at the box office.

Christina also voiced another popular animated film, The Book of Life, in 2014. Besides these, she also gave voice to the television cartoon series King of the Hill in 2004. In the same year, she also voiced Father of the Pride. Christina has made massive earnings for her every voice-over project, which increases her net worth widely.

Other Works

Christina once performed in Neil Simons stage play Sweet Charity in 2005 at Al Hirschfeld Theatre. It was a popular stage play at that time. In 2006, Christina was featured in A Public Affair, a music video from the famous singer Jessica Simpson. It was a successful feature project. This music video has a lot of views on YouTube.


  • Best Young Actress
  • Favorite Female Performer
  • Outstanding Guest Actress

Person Life

Christina Applegate married Johnathon Schaech, who is an actor, On October 20, 2001. They got divorced in 2007. Later, Christina married Dutch musician Martyn LeNoble in 2013. The couple welcomed their first daughter in January 2011.


What is the net worth of Christina Applegate?

Christina Applegate’s net worth in 2023 is estimated at $25 million.

How much does Christina Applegate make per episode?

She makes approximately $125,000 dollars per episode.

Is Christina Applegate married?

Yes, she married Johnathon Schaech and then Martyn LeNoble.

Final Thoughts

Christina Applegate net worth is a result of her skilled acting. She puts her unique strategies to gain quick success. As a result, she was able to build a successful career as well as a tremendous financial state.


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