Electric Fireplace TV Stands: 4 Factors To Consider Before Buying! 


Have you been looking to set up your living room this festive season? How about giving your TV set the focal position? Sounds nice, but what about the fireplace – that would get covered. After all, you can’t set up one side of the room without changing the other. What if we tell you that you can? Yes, when you have an electric fireplace television stand – you can have a dose of entertainment amidst the picturesque flames set against the backdrop. 

However, before you rush in to buy that TV stand, here are a couple of factors you must consider. They are – the size and style, its functionality, and how good its adjustability is when placed against the room’s backdrop. Let us brief it out for you – 

Factors to check before buying an electric fire TV stand 

As an aware customer, here are a couple of factors you must check before buying electric fireplace TV stands for your sitting room – 

Factor 1 – How functional is it in your living space?

The first factor you will have to verify when you pick fireplace TV stands that are electrically powered is – their functionality and storage space. Go in for a frame in tandem with the size and weight of the television so that it does not look ‘out of place.’ Another thing you must remember is – to pick storage options that suit you, either open-faced or the versatile closed-in format. The ones with secret compartments or locked cabinets also work well. Hence, you will not have a problem dumping your Blu-Ray DVDs! 

Factor 2 – What is the style and finish that you can choose from? 

It is no secret that the key to having a classic electric fireplace TV stand is – enhancing the aesthetics of your home, apart from amplifying the heat levels. You must pick a stand that, in its style and finish, complements the decor of your lounge space. 

Surely, for many people, the choice ranges from charcoal black to Java to shades of whiskey. For the unversed, most opt for the classic TV stand that comes with wooden stains backed with a painted surface and linear design, immersing itself against your home’s decor. If not that, then surely go in for – something contemporary in neutral shades since that would go with almost any backdrop. 


While choosing the fireplace TV stand, there is one thing you must keep in mind – picking one with a matte finish. This not only enhances the glow of your room but, irrespective of the shade, can fit into any kind of house you own – from a Tudor-era mansion to a contemporary condo. 


Factor 3 – What are its prime features and can you adjust them accordingly? 


The matte finish and oak colour might be the top factors, but nothing beats you keeping a check on the range of features that this fireplace TV stands for. Start with the thermostat. Choosing an automated thermostat that comes with overheat protection limits. Along with that, pick a digital one for better flexibility. 


The next thing that you need to check is – whether it is a heat-only/flame-only mode. Since not everytime you are looking for the heat factor, and its only the aesthetics that matter – hence, be choosy about the same. 

Finally, verify if this electric fireplace TV stand operates on a remote and has a range of features that are required regularly (touch features/metal components/assembled consoles) for its ideal functioning. 


When you are checking out options from any notable websites, you will find a wide range of available products like – the Hartley TV stand, the Malibu Corner TV stand or even the Sonoma versions. Most of them come packed with the abovementioned features and have panel doors, back cutouts (for cable management) and a sound bar shelf that makes for a great pick amidst the variety of options. 


Factor 4 – Certain considerations about heating 


The last key factor you will have to consider is – what heating options are available for you. As you already know, the flames are created by projecting LED lights onto a screen, so you can alter its display (who doesn’t prefer more realistic flames?) 


Apart from that, you will also have to check – whether you would prefer the infrared heating option or the fan-forced one. Though both are good enough for a wider space, the infrared format works better. Also, when you wish to specify the heat settings, go in for a range of 750-1500 watts since that would adequately warm up the room as well as amplify the decor. 

You could always pick one from the range of Sonoma fireplaces to Charleston TV stands for your little space. 


Before buying, cross-verify these 4 factors and then go in for that purchase. 


Some safety factors to keep in mind 


To ensure that your electrically-powered fireplace TV stand functions in the best manner, there are certain safety measures you have to take note of – 

  • Noting the weight of the television stand is crucial (and make sure that it has a weight limit of a maximum of 200 pounds). 
  • When mounting it on the wall, make sure that it doesn’t block the exhaust vents of that unit. 
  • While choosing voltaic fireplace TV stands – go in for one that has an automatic shutoff function and keep an emergency fireplace extinguisher near it. 


These are a handful of key safety factors you must take care of. This will help in increasing the longevity of the TV stand. 


Final thoughts 


Simply getting an electric fireplace TV stand is not enough. You will have to consider certain things before you get one. To ensure that this fireplace stand enhances the value of your living room and in no way diminishes it, you must buy one that is in tandem with the room. Assuredly, noted websites offer a wide variety of alternatives for you to pick from. Keep these points in mind before you pick one, and you will get one that suits all your needs. 



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