The Best Matches in Football History


Football stirs the emotions and creates memories for life. Some matches even go down in history for their drama and suspense.

The 1986 World Cup match between Argentina and England became legendary after Diego Maradona scored his iconic handball goal to give Argentina a 2-1 win, becoming one of the must-watch matches for any soccer fan.

1. Brazil vs. England 1970

Brazil became widely-renowned as one of the greatest football teams ever during this matchup between its inventors and spiritual masters, Europe versus South America, regimentation versus artistry and fan favourites versus enemy number ones.

Bobby Moore’s heroics against Tostao, Pele, Jairzinho and Rivelino’s Brazilian attack will ensure this match remains a classic for generations of English fans.

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At first, it was an extremely tense matchup with Francis Lee sending an excellent chance over the bar and Gordon Banks brilliantly foiling Pele’s downward header to turn it up and over the crossbar for what many consider one of the greatest saves ever seen in football history.

2. Italy vs. Germany 1970

Football brings out many emotions and memories for people alike – creating unforgettable moments and uniting people through shared experience like no other activity can. But some matches rise above these aspects to become unforgettable spectacles of their own right.

The semi final match between Italy and Germany in 1970 stands out as an unforgettable encounter. What had begun as an unassuming encounter soon took a dramatic turn when Roberto Boninsegna scored in the 8th minute to give Italy an unexpected advantage that they managed to hold onto until Karl-Heinz Schnellinger equalized in the 90th minute to send it into extra time.

Extra time provided dramatic and suspenseful moments from both teams, with Diego Maradona’s handball that became famously known as ‘the Hand of God’ being one such unforgettable moment. Finally, Italy won thanks to Gigi Rivera scoring in the 111th minute securing their victory and qualifying them for a place in the World Cup final against Brazil.

3. Germany vs. Brazil 2014

Brazil was completely outclassed by Germany on July 8, 2014 in a World Cup semifinal and lost 7-1. This result still stands as one of the most shocking results ever witnessed during a semifinal.

Thomas Muller scored with an unstoppable volley to punish Brazil for their horrid defending, who failed to pick up on Muller and leave him open in the six yard box despite their best efforts. Muller took full advantage of their incompetence.

By half time, Germany were already five goals up and in complete control. Their relentless attack wreaked havoc with Brazil’s defence; Brazil hoped Oscar might score late on to salvage something; instead Germany simply showed their extraordinary footballing skill with another stunning performance that is undeniably magnificent.

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4. Liverpool vs. Chelsea 2017

Liverpool were in peril of blowing their narrow 2-0 advantage against Chelsea in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final, until Mohamed Salah scored an iconic goal that will live long in our memories.

An intriguing opening half is characterised by few chances for either team, with Liverpool looking quite outclassed in defence but still holding firm against Birmingham City’s attack.

But Chelsea’s midfield trio are beginning to create problems for the hosts. Drinkwater finds space out on the right and fires a cross towards Morata near the byline; but he only manages to head it over from close range.

Just one minute later and Liverpool were level! A Salah pass that Bakayoko mishandled allowed Liverpool’s attacks to resume with Salah finding himself with space in the center and firing hard past Courtois for a goal that brought dismay from Klopp but couldn’t argue with.


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