How to change the rubber on refrigerators and how it can be glued


The sealing rubber on the refrigerator is necessary so that the doors fit tightly against the body. Thanks to it, a stable temperature regime is always maintained inside the device, and the vacuum is preserved. Otherwise, the motor will start to work without interruptions that sooner or later will lead to breakage of the compressor, and you will need Appliance Repair Expert of Montreal. During operation, the rubber wears out and becomes unusable; therefore, in this case, it needs the correct replacement.

We recommend that you carefully examine the condition of the seal installed around the entire perimeter of the housing. If, during the inspection of the rubber, the user finds the appearance of visible damage and a violation of its integrity, then the old rubber should be dismantled.

Why do refrigerator seals wear out over time?

By the appearance of ice on the chamber doors, you can immediately understand that the old rubber seal needs to be replaced with a new one. Due to the fact that warm air mass penetrates into the middle of the household appliances, the temperature regime inside the refrigerator will not correspond to the set parameters. Sometimes the reason for replacing the rubber seal can be the sagging of the refrigerator doors due to the heaviness of their weight. If the door rubber is partially or completely worn out, it must be replaced immediately.

If the seal is slightly damaged, you can try to repair it. We recommend the following: place a flashlight with a light bulb turned on inside the case. In case of poor sealing, when the door of the structure is closed, the light can be seen between the rubber seal and the walls of the enclosure. This indicates that there are gaps and leaks.

There are several ways to check the tightness of the refrigerator door. To do this, use a piece of paper, which is attached to the wall of the enclosure, and then close the door while pulling the tip of the paper. If it pulls out easily, then you can not do without the mandatory replacement of the seal. It is necessary to check the places, both above the doors and under them. After all, the rubber must fit tightly around the entire perimeter. 

How to install a rubber seal on a refrigerator

Before installing, inspect the rubber for damage, possible lumps or stretching. The best option would be an elastic band specially produced for a specific refrigerator model. If you can’t find just one, then you can use any that fits in size. Before proceeding with the replacement of the seal on the doors, it is recommended to keep it indoors for at least a day so that during this time, the rubber gets used to the microclimate in the room.

A worn seal in some places may slightly move away from the doors and even break. It happens that somewhere it is simply impossible to tear it off. In such cases, we simply cut the old seal in those places, starting from the corners where it adhered tightly to the door’s surface.

Further, it is recommended to pull out the seal from the grooves on the door and clean the groove from possible residues of glue and rubber, debris and foaming agent, as well as all the excess that remains after the dismantling of the gum. When installing a new seal, the groove on the doors must be completely cleaned. If the rubber breaks during dismantling, we recommend you try again from a different corner of the doors.

When dismantling the old rubber and cleaning the grooves is done, it’s time to move on to the next step and start installing the new seal. Rubber that fits perfectly can be installed in a few minutes without using a foaming agent or glue. It will be enough just to pull the seal on the door, start the installation from the top, and then drive the part of the gum that protrudes into the groove.

Such repair work will completely solve the refrigerator’s problem if the causes of the increased temperature in the chamber. If the problem is due to the breakage of the thermostat, finding a spare part and repairing the refrigerator is not a problem either.


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