How To Maintain a Dog Grooming Trailer


Dogs feel more relaxed when their environment is calming. Maintaining a clean grooming trailer will improve the dog’s comfort and the success of the grooming. A relaxed dog is less likely to cause commotion and interrupt the grooming, so maintaining your grooming trailer is necessary. 

Some groomers create a natural-looking inside trailer space for the dogs they groom. For instance, painting the walls of the trailer to look like a blue sky is one approach to maintaining the relaxing atmosphere you need for successful grooming appointments. Additionally, a sanitized environment is equally as crucial for the health of everyone who stops by your grooming trailer. 

There are no set rules to maintaining a dog grooming trailer, as each trailer will have its own maintenance needs, including those that pertain to its consistent cleaning schedule. When you search “grooming trailers for sale” you’ll notice that popular options maintain both interior and exterior cleanliness. Here are the basics you’ll want to incorporate into the routine you create for cleaning your grooming trailer. 

Keep the interior clean: search “grooming trailers for sale” for examples of clean trailers.

Throughout the day, vacuum, sweep, and wipe down areas that need attention. Some degree of mess will accumulate after every appointment, so it’s important to clean up after each one. Maintaining a clean space is beneficial for your clients and for your own wellbeing. There is no need to breathe in dog hair all day long

Weekly chores are essential.

Search “grooming trailers for sale” for information on the tasks that may be necessary for the upkeep of the grooming trailers for sale you’re interested in purchasing. Consider your options before purchasing a trailer with cleaning upkeep requirements you’re not sure you can stick to. Below are tasks to complete during the day and throughout the week:

Daily Maintenance Tasks 

  • sanitizing the tub with anti-bacterial products: You should do so often so each dog feels comfortable in a clean tub.  
  • scrubbing and sanitizing rubber mats 
  • cleaning the floor with a cleaner suitable for your flooring 

Weekly Maintenance Tasks

  • taking out the trash 
  • keeping stock of products, like shampoos and bandanas
  • scrubbing the grooming table 
  • cleaning out your hair vacuum system 
  • cleaning up the bathing system (This is important to prevent bacteria growth and pet odor. Use a cleaning agent like vinegar distilled in water to clear the system).

Monthly Vehicle Maintenance Tasks 

    • checking the engine fluid levels 
    • pressure washing the exterior 
    • cleaning the wheels 
  • completing any other vehicle tasks that apply to your purchase. 

Search “grooming trailers for sale” to find options for grooming trailers that meet your expectations for upkeep. 

Take care of your career investment.

Your grooming trailer is a major investment that supports your career as a dog groomer. While you can’t get rid of pet smells entirely, doing what you can, will help the dogs you groom stay calm. Consider the maintenance tasks above and search queries “grooming trailers for sale” to find options with a cleaning routine you can stay consistent with.


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