Bay Leaf for Hair: What You Need to Know


Nobody likes losing their hair, dealing with dandruff, or having an itchy scalp. While there are dozens of hair products on the market, many of them are ineffective and don’t get you the results you need. 

The good news is that the solution to any hair or scalp problems might be simpler than you think. This is because there is an affordable treatment for hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp conditions and it comes right from the laurel tree. That solution? Bay leaves.

When we talk about a bay leaf for hair, we’re referring to bay leaf oil. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to wear a bay leaf hat or anything like that. Read on to learn everything you need to know about bay leaves and how they can help with your hair and scalp.

What Are Bay Leaves?

Bay leaves are leaves that come from the laurel tree. They’re an aromatic herb that’s usually used for cooking and adding flavor to some meals. 

That said, bay leaves also have medical uses that can help with inflammation, skin problems, and even insomnia. In fact, bay leaves can even help you restore lost hair. You can find bay leaves as leaves, crushed leaves, or powder. Additionally, essential oil variants of bay leaves are also available.

What Is Bay Leaf Oil?

Unlike the traditional bay leaves, bay leaf oil is more potent. The oil is made by steam-distilling the leaves and extracting all of the oils. This creates a more potent bay leaf oil that can be used to treat pain, hair loss, and some other medical conditions. 

You can purchase bay leaf oil as an essential oil or make it yourself. To make it yourself we recommend pairing it with an oil like coconut oil, olive oil, or something else that can act as a base. 

Now that you know what bay leaves are, let’s focus on how it can help your hair.

Bay Leaf for Hair: How It Can Help 

Bay leaf helps with hair loss in a few ways but the chemicals you need to know about are eugenol and linalool. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce swelling, pain, and even prevent hair loss if you’re having issues with your scalp. 

Furthermore, bay leaves can improve circulation to your scalp, which can help you maintain or even grow a full head of hair.

Learn more about how bay leaf oil can help your hair below.

Helps With Dandruff

When your scalp has too much oil, dandruff becomes a big problem. Some people have chronic dandruff while others may have the condition come and go. The good news is that bay leaves can help with dandruff when you mix them with coconut oil. 

To mix it, you can crush up the leaves and mix them with the coconut oil. Let it sit and make sure everything is mixed properly. 

Make sure you put the oil in your hair for about 15 minutes. You can wear a wrap around your hair to keep things tight. Then, rinse your hair with your favorite shampoo. This will keep your head clean and get rid of pesky dandruff flakes.

Adds Shine to Your Hair

Another benefit of bay leaf oil is that it will shine your hair. You can shine your hair with bay leaf oil by adding some bay leaves to olive oil. From there, boil the water for a few minutes and give the water some time to absorb the leaf’s antioxidants. If you don’t want to boil the water first, you can add bay leaf essential oil to the water instead.

Once you have your mixture, rinse your hair with it after your shower. If it feels uncomfortable you can rinse your hair again after you let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Helps With Fungal Infections and Inflammation

Several skin conditions cause problems on your scalp. You can have inflammation from a bacterial illness or you can have an itchy rash from some types of fungal infections. The good news is that bay leaves can help with inflammation. You can use them to reduce the itch from some fungal infections and it might even help your body right them off.

That said, if you plan on fighting fungal infections you’re better off using a more potent version of bay leaves.

We recommend using bay leaf essential oil, like this one from Wholesale Botanics or this one from Aromachology Oils instead of a homemade bay leaf remedy. It’s hard to get that level of potency when you’re boiling bay leaves or infusing them with olive oil.

Promotes Hair Growth

Bay leaves can also promote hair growth by reinvigorating your scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties of the bay leaf can reduce ingrown hairs and other skin conditions related to hair loss. Additionally, it can help hair grow more full. This also works well for men who want a fuller beard because bay leaf oil can help with acne and skin revitalization.

When it comes to bay leaf oil for hair, we recommend using an essential oil with a proven formula. This ensures that you have enough bay leaf oil to get the job done. Plus, mixing and crushing bay leaves is time-consuming and not as potent as oils.

These are only some of the ways that bay leaves can help. Depending on your needs, bay leaf oil can also help with general inflammation and other ailments.

Revitalize Your Hair Today!

The bay leaf is one of the best things you can use for scalp health. Always make sure you care for your hair and scalp to prevent chronic conditions and hair loss. 

At the end of the day, it’s always better to preserve something rather than trying to get it back and this is true for your head-health. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to incorporate some bay leaf oil into your skin and hair care routine, even if you’re not having any problems.


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