How to Style Your Space with Low-Maintenance Plants


Plants add vibrant color and texture to a home while creating a laid-back vibe. Decorating your home or office with plants is a great way to turn your space into a curated oasis, as long as you pick the right plants. Learn how to transform your space into a stylish, relaxing environment with low-maintenance plants.

Find the Right Plant

All houseplants need varying degrees of sunlight, water, and humidity to grow. Some plants need more or less than others, and you need to understand what your particular plant needs. High-maintenance plants need regular attention to thrive, which is fine if you’re into caring for a needy plant. Low-maintenance plants make it possible to enjoy the look of a plant without significant time commitment. Taking the time to find a plant that aligns with your skill level or the time you can dedicate to care is essential.

Snake Plant

Also known as Sansevieria, snake plants are as low maintenance as they come. At most, snake plants need water every two weeks, but during the winter, these plants need water roughly every two months. Snake plants are also versatile and can live in bright, medium, or low light. Even with excellent snake plant care, these are slow-growing plants, so they’re in no rush to be repotted.

Spider Plant

Spider plants have thick roots known as rhizomes that they use to store water. The plant must deplete its reserve before it needs more water, so you can wait at least one week between watering. Finding a good location is the key to growing a large and happy spider plant. Once the plant is in a good, sunny spot, it will thrive without much attention from you.


Succulent is a term used to describe drought-tolerant plants, so plants considered to be succulents can belong to different families. Drought tolerance often means low maintenance when it comes to houseplants. Succulents range from aloe, echeveria, kalanchoe, and more, and all of these plants will do amazing in bright, indirect sunlight. Water when the potting mix is dry, which will work out to every 10 to 15 days during the summer and every 6 to 8 weeks during the winter.


Pothos have long, reaching stems covered in heart-shaped leaves. While still a low-maintenance houseplant, pothos plants require slightly more attention than the other plants on this list. If you like the look of long, trailing leafy stems, or if you want a minimal challenge while still enjoying an overall easy plant, the Pothos is for you.

Style Your Space

Displaying houseplants in your home or office makes the space feel more comfortable and lived in, and plants can even reduce stress and clean the air. While there are plenty of reasons to feature plants in your home decor, selecting plants that fit your skill and level of commitment is essential. Low-maintenance houseplants like snake plants, spider plants, succulents, and pothos are all great options that create the look you want without taking up a lot of time.


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