Tips and key points for playing Valorant that you need to consider improving your rank


If you are new not only to Valorant, but also to the session shooter format, then it’s not enough for you to just read the manual and even more so order a valorant rank boost – you need to feel the gameplay and dynamics, understand all the features of rounds, shooting, formation of the economy and agents in order to get started increase your rank and experience, as well as your skill in playing for a specific agent.

Basic information

Valorant is a session shooter with fantasy elements, which was created by Riot Games as an alternative to the famous e-sports shooter from Valve CS GO. The developers wanted to release their large-scale project with short rounds on various maps with similar mechanics, but with their own ideas.

Players will play two teams in a 5v5 series of rounds, alternating sides until one team reaches 13 wins.

The format and objectives do not change – you need to destroy the enemy team and plant a bomb called a spike, or defuse it if the enemy team has one.

The most popular mode is ranked.

These are games that, based on their results, increase your rating in case of victory, or decrease in case of defeat.

If you play alone, you will be matched with random allies, and the probability that you will win will be completely random. You may even have to order a Valorant boost, because even if you radically improve your gaming skill, it’s not a fact that you will be able to carry the entire team alone.

It’s another matter if you play with at least three of you – this format will help you control most of the map and boost Valorant rating by relying on your own strengths, even if the remaining two characters underplay their roles.

Agents, their discovery and the main skills that will help shape your choice

In total, Valorant has 20 active characters, 5 of which are available immediately and the rest can be unlocked by completing tasks and contracts, or purchased for donations.

Let’s look at the key characters on whom you will perform your valorant boost in the first stages.

Types of criteria for heroes by which they can be selected:

  • Duelist are contact heroes who focus on damage to other heroes. It is these heroes that cause stable and strong damage.
  • Instigator – uses skills and methods to start a battle and create a fake attack situation at one of the points in order to attract opponents while the bomb is planted in another place.
  • The Specialist is a hero who creates problems on the map – blocking passages and preventing enemies from achieving their goals.
  • The Guardian is a protector and assistant for the entire team, who can heal allies and increase their combat potential.

All abilities of each character can be divided into three types:

  • Free – available to each hero depending on his role.
  • Purchased – purchased through the purchase menu along with weapons and armor.
  • Ultimate – You need to prove yourself on the game map to get them. The type depends on the character’s class, but when cast, everyone on the map will hear the voice of the hero who casts it.


A hero with increased mobility, he can easily move around the map and use various means to limit the view of enemies.

As a free ability, wind rush is used to quickly move around the game map with a fairly fast reload.

For currency, you can buy the whirlwind and lift skills, which will allow the character to jump up and occupy high places and release smoke, limiting the view and preventing enemies from approaching, or entering a position and a bombsite.

One of the best team characters to provide valorant boost service, who will fit perfectly into any squad.


A hero that no team can do without.

This is a full-fledged archer and scout who can literally look around every corner before launching an offensive or defending.

A free skill is this very arrow, which provides visibility, but to use it effectively you need to shoot it correctly at the wall, because the view will go exactly in two directions. Keep in mind that enemies can destroy it and deprive you of your vision. This is why the best scouts are those players who can not only correctly shoot an arrow to gather information, but also do it so accurately that enemies don’t even notice it, or are unable to quickly destroy it.

Of the paid skills, the player will be able to call a drone and conduct reconnaissance with its help and shoot observation arrows, or launch an attack arrow that will ricochet and explode upon contact with the target and cause massive damage to it and surrounding enemies.

The ultimate ability is expressed in a special arrow that can be fired in any direction on the map and which will not come into contact with any obstacle other than another player, but the ability is not homing and simply flies in a straight line. There is always a chance to catch the enemy by surprise, but in general the arrow can be seen and moved out of its path. In total, the hero can fire three arrows in a volley.


A hero who is not only a full-fledged support, but also a blocker of the full movement of opponents.

Having such a player in your team, you will have an increased chance of fast and cheap valorant boosting in a number of matches. This is, of course, not a full guarantee of success, but a significant increase in this probability due to treatment and reorganization of actions.

The free ability will be a healing sphere that allows you to heal yourself or any ally.

You can set up a barrier that will prevent enemies from just passing through it, of course they can physically destroy it, or wait 40 seconds for it to disappear, but this will take time and require effort, waste resources and force enemies to give away their position.

The second paid skill is to spray a special liquid that will greatly slow down the speed of movement until they leave its area or its duration ends.

The most useful and important skill for which Sage is taken to the team, and not a single team that provides cheap valorant boost can do without this agent.

The fact is that Sage can resurrect one hero with full health, which can play a role in the outcome of the match.


A hero who scatters several types of grenades that will provide good coverage of the offensive and defensive zones with three strong smokes, exiting from which will be an extremely stupid decision due to at least two seconds before the first orientation, and you will be visible immediately.

The second grenade will be a healing one, which sets the ground on fire and deals damage to all players who come into contact with it.



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