Why Choosing a Correct Glycol Chiller Size is Crucial for Your Brewery


When it comes to brewing, it is important to ensure the correct temperature for storage and transportation of the beverages. And here comes the help of glycol chillers – equipment that not only regulates the temperature but also ensures the stable quality and taste of your beer.

You can buy such equipment on the UBC Group USA website – a leading manufacturer and distributor of beer equipment, offering a wide range of options adapted to the needs of modern breweries.

Read our article to learn more about the advantages of the glycol chiller and how to choose the right size equipment.

Role of glycol power packs in maintaining consistent beer temperature

One of the key advantages of glycol power packs is their ability to provide accurate temperature control. This is especially important during fermentation, when yeast can release heat that causes temperature fluctuations.

With modern equipment using a mixture of glycol and water, you can be sure that the fermentation process remains stable and consistent. This ensures better fertility, transparency, and prevention of unpleasant flavors.

In addition, glycol coolers facilitate the cold crashing process, which helps to clear the beer by causing particles to settle at the bottom.

ChillPro 1150H

Significance of selecting the right glycol chiller size

Choosing the right brewery glycol chiller size is crucial to optimize brewery operations:

  • Temperature control

Using this technique, you can set even the narrowest and most accurate temperature ranges with fluctuations of about 1°C.

Precise temperature control is vital for the production of fresh beer with a stable taste and aroma.

  • Energy efficiency

By choosing a beer line chiller of the right size, breweries can avoid unnecessary energy consumption and thus reduce operating costs and optimize expenses.

  • Durability of the entire draft beer system

A smaller electric glycol chiller may cause excessive wear and tear of the equipment. A smaller device may fail to maintain the required temperature, resulting in uneven fermentation, unpleasant tastes, and unstable beer quality.

On the other hand, too large chillers can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and higher costs.

UBC’s range of glycol chillers


Contact UBC Group USA to find refrigeration equipment of the right size. This brand has long been known on the market: it offers a large selection of quality commercial glycol chillers.

Explore the range of their brewery glycol chillers: here, you will find exactly what your brewery business needs!

If you are not sure how to choose the appropriate size of the cooler, the company’s consultants are ready to help you solve this problem, and find the chiller that meets all the needs of your enterprise.

UBC glycol chiller is the optimal value for money and innovation that makes brewing even smoother and more profitable!


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