A Strategic Guide for Water Purifier Maintenance on a Schedule


Water is a basic human necessity. One cannot live without clean drinking water. Unfortunately, the tap water you get at home nowadays is not drinkable. The tap water source is a lake or reservoir exposed to chemicals and bacteria. Moreover, the water distribution system also has metal pipes and other things. It can lead to metal poisoning. Therefore, having a water filter system at home is necessary. Water purifiers use methods like reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and ultraviolet disinfection. A water filtration system uses all this to provide clean drinking water. Its benefits include drinking water that doesn’t taste bitter or have chlorine. It also reduces the chances of lead or metal poisoning. However, your major responsibility with a water purifier is its maintenance. You must keep the water purifier clean to keep it running long. You cannot do the technical cleaning that professionals can do. However, you should do a few things at home to maintain your water purifier. These are listed below.

Know about your cleaner.

The first step is to know the water filtration system you have. There are many brands in the market, and each works differently. Each has a different process. It needs you to go over the details with a keen eye. If you are changing and buying a different cleaner, understand how it works, amongst other things. It will help you keep it running in a better condition. Aqua Safe is one of the leading suppliers of home water filters. Check them out today.

Do not open the purifier

Do you feel the filter is not cleaning the water? Maybe the water is earthy or has a bitter taste. If this happens, the system may require a filtration system change. Even if you are not sure, do not open the purifier yourself. That can lead to trouble and damage the filtering system. The best thing to do right now is to call an expert. Every leading water filter has experts to service and solve the issues.

Discard the water in the storage tank after a few days.

To keep the storage tank clean:

  1. Discard the water every 20 days.
  2. Especially if you are going out, ensure you do not leave any water in the tank.
  3. After coming back, fill the tank and discard the water. You can use it to clean the house or mop, but not to drink.

It ensures there is no buildup of bacteria or metal.

Periodic filter changes

Whether the filtration system uses the RO technique or another, it needs filter changes periodically. There are many reasons why filters get clogged. If your region has water high in chlorine, the filters will clog easily and fast. Therefore, know its maintenance schedule and get it changed on time. Most purifiers give a signal when the filters need changing. Ensure you pay attention to it and immediately call the experts.

Be on top of leakages and drips.

Does your water purifier have a leak or drip? It is a sign that something is wrong with the system. It might be broken, or the reason might be different, like a leaking wire. In any case, when this happens, you need the help of an expert. Do not try any DIY methods to stop the leak. Simply call the professional.

Be vigilant while cleaning the external parts.

The external parts of the water purifier require some TLC, too. To keep it clean, using water and a soft sponge is best. Do not use harsh chemicals or soap for cleaning the external parts. Moreover, ensure you do not rub the parts aggressively to clean them.

Why should you maintain the water purifier?

It clogs

The main reason to get the purifier service on time is to unclog it. A purifier cleans contaminated water with dirt, bacteria, and chemicals. The cleaning process is challenging. It clogs the filters. You will drink unclean and contaminated water if you don’t change it on time.

It keeps water waste to a minimum.

Timely maintenance of the water purifier helps minimize water waste. If the filters and other systems work well, it will put less stress on the components for cleaning. Thus, water rejection will be less, and you will save the water.

To have a clean supply of drinking water

A fully functional water purifier helps kill bacteria and parasites present in the water. It keeps you safe from many water-borne diseases. When you do not maintain or service the purifier, its capacity to keep the water clean diminishes. It can lead to you getting sick all the time.

Follow these basic maintenance guides to keep the water purifier in top shape. Moreover, get it serviced by professionals from time to time. That will allow you to use your current filtration system for a long time.



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