Types of Water filters


It is always better to use the best quality water. Unfortunately, the local tap water usually contains different contaminants that can be harmful to use. As a result, the need for water filter installation arises. There are different varieties of water filters. So, how to choose the right one? 

Types of Water Filters

1. Whole House Water Filter

Whole house filters are also known as point-of-entry systems or POE systems. This type of water filter works well to filter water from the water source directly when the water supply enters the property.

Typically, people install this type of water filter in their house basements.

A whole-house water filter is not very complicated as it does not require multiple systems installed in every room. However, it is quite expensive to install. Plus, it can get difficult to complete the entire installation process. Therefore, plumbing experts usually suggest this in case the water supply is of bad quality.

  1. Inline Refrigerator Water Filter System

An inline Refrigerator water filter system is designed to attach to any refrigerator with a water dispenser. These inline water filter systems work to remove additional impurities, compared to standard refrigerator filters that typically only remove a minimal number of contaminants. They provide you with unlimited clean, filtered drinking water directly from your refrigerator, eliminating the need to purchase bottled water.

Moreover, installing an inline water filter system is a DIY project and is super easy to connect.

  1. Under-sink Water Filters

Under the sink, water filters are a type of inline water filter. However, this design is suitable for installation in the kitchen area. Just like the name suggests, under-the-sink water filters are attached directly to the main water supply line under the sink. Along with this, a faucet diverter valve is also bound together.

  1. Water Filter Pitchers

Water filter pitchers are also a point-of-use system that mainly comes in use to fill and drink water. 

This water filter generally includes activated carbon water filters which help to lower the price of it. Besides, it is also suitable for removing fluoride, which is a headache for the mass.

  1. Countertop Water Filter

The installation of the countertop filter goes by the name of installing over the kitchen counter. 

This is often a point-of-use system used by the household for various types of water needs, including cooking, drinking and so forth. These water filters are mostly available in carbon block, ceramic or reverse osmosis filtration systems. 

  1. Portable Personal Water Filter

This has currently been popular for mostly emergency or travel purposes. Since this is a portable water filter, the size is smaller than other filters and lightweight. Hence, it is easy to move or carry along wherever you need to go.

Portable filters combine two water filtration systems, including activated charcoal media and ceramic filtration system. This type of filter can remove odors, mineral taste and contaminants from the water source.

  1. Showerhead filters

Shower head filters are always on the shower head of the bathroom. This is another type of point-of-use system which works the filtration process while you wash.

They can filter heavy metals, chlorine and various other chemicals. People install this type of water filter especially to improve the condition of their hair and skin.


There are different types of water filters available for installation at home. Some are ideal for bathroom fixing, kitchen fixing or travel filtration. Among these, an inline filter system is the most versatile type of water filter every household can use for different purposes.



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