6 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Shower Screen


Shower screens are high utility items that keep the bathrooms hygienic, clean, and elegant. One of the vital parts of today’s modern households is showers, so there is an emphasis on finding the right shower screen. They not only protect the bathroom from being splattered or flooded with water, but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal. 


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Nowadays, reliable shower screen suppliers provide certified and safe tempered glass screens and help you design modern, stylish shower spaces. Since the shower screen becomes the bathroom’s focal point, one must choose it carefully. Below are a few factors that one must consider: 

The Bathroom Space

The first important factor is knowing how much space you must work with. You can measure the space, such as the height and floor space; this will help you decide where to put the sink, shower, etc. You must also determine if you want a shower door on a hinge or that opens outwards, as you will need space.

Glass material

You must always opt for a supplier that provides you with durable tempered glass and meets quality standards. Shower screens must be made from solid glass that will not break under force or pressure.


Water Retention

Water retention is linked to various factors such as the building up of mold, excess cleaning if the water goes under the vanity or across the floor, etc. If you want water retention, you can opt for framed shower screens, which ensure the water is retained and concealed inside the screen. 

Ease Of Maintenance 

You must pick a screen that is easy to clean and maintain. Usually, it is easy to clean up the glass shower screens; you can use glass cleaners to prevent water scaling marks. When you use your shower screen regularly, it will remain in good working condition and look new. 


So, you must opt for one that is easily accessible at all different places and easy to clean. Compared to tinted glass, clear glass is easy to maintain; frameless screens are also easy to clean. 


The Aesthetics

If you want the bathroom space aesthetically beautiful, you can opt for frameless shower screens. They provide a seamless and modern look. A fully framed shower screen is timeless if you wish to opt for a traditional look. These shower screens are available in different designs, and You can pick one that perfectly suits the decor of your bathroom. 


Consider Your Budget

The price range of shower screens may vary, so you must consider your budget. However, you must never compromise on the quality. Opting for a cheap product can cost you later on fixing problems. Also, it is not safe as low-quality glass can easily break. 


It can be easy to fall in love with a certain design. However, when selecting a shower screen, it is vital to consider all the factors mentioned above. They are not only functional, but they also enhance the looks and aesthetics of your bathroom. So, it is best to call experts to help you choose and install the screens according to your space.



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