Marketing Tips and Tricks for Your Milkshake Business: An Easy Guide


Want to grow your milkshake business, attract more customers, and become known as the tastiest milkshake brand around? Then you’ve come to the right place. These marketing tips and tricks will transform your milkshake business, whether you’re a new startup or have been running a milkshake shop for several years. 

Why Get Into The Milkshake Business? 

The milkshake industry is booming. By 2033, the global market is estimated to be worth $596.58 million (Future Market Insights), which is huge. From Oreo cookies and cream to classic strawberry, people can’t get enough of their favorite milkshakes. 

How To Succeed

Naturally, because the industry is so valuable, it means competition levels are extremely high. From independent milkshake shops to local cafés, customers can go pretty much anywhere they like to get their hands on the milkshakes they want. Therefore, in order to compete, your milkshake marketing needs to be top-notch. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on customers.

With that said, here are some marketing tips and tricks designed to help your milkshake business grow and prosper over the coming years. Let’s begin. 

Add Your Company Logo to Your Milkshake Cups 

The first marketing step that you need to take is adding a company logo to your milkshake cup. When all your milkshake cups have your company logo (in sticker form) on them, this will help to take your branding to the next level. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Better brand recognition 
  • Improved brand trust
  • Stronger customer loyalty 

Not to mention, when people are walking around with your milkshakes in their hands, others will notice and think, “Hey, I want to try that milkshake brand, too”. Essentially, it’s a no-brainer. 

If you’ve been serving customers with plain plastic cups since you’ve been in business, it’s time to change all that. Marketing is king these days, which is why your company logo needs to be at the center of all your milkshake products. If not, how else will you be able to build your brand name? It’ll be impossible!

Offer Student Discount 

Milkshakes (as well as coffee shops and cafés in general) are extremely popular with young people. Taking this into account, you need to start offering student discounts. In turn, this will help to get younger people through the door and buying your milkshakes. 

Usually, most shops will offer a 10% student discount. Naturally, the higher the student discount is, the more attractive you’ll be. However, you don’t want to hurt your profit margins too much, so it’s recommended that you keep the student discount somewhere between 10% and 20%, which should be enough to do the trick with the student milkshake drinkers. 

Be Active on Social Media 

As just mentioned, young people love milkshakes, and they also love social media. On social media, you can market your milkshakes, post interesting content, provide customer service, and so much more. Plus, whenever your milkshake shop has an upcoming event (e.g., 50% off Thursdays), you can advertise it on Facebook and all the other popular social media platforms and attract people to come. 

Change Location 

Is your milkshake business currently in the middle of nowhere? If so, this is bad for your brand and bad for marketing. The general aim should be to run your milkshake business in a popular spot, such as close to a university or on a busy high street. This way, you’ll always have potential customers walking by your door who’ll then be able to see your brand and what you have to offer. 


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