3 Tips to Find A Real Estate Agent


If you plan to make a big move, consider finding a real estate agent to help get you under contract. Al estate agent This can be easier said than done! We are here to share our top three tips for finding a real estate agent so you can have a smooth transaction.

First things first

Before diving into our tips to find a real estate agent, we first want to discuss what real estate agents do and why they’re essential. As a buyer, your agent can manage the home search for you and get you to see properties before they hit the major real estate sites the public can access. 

As a seller, your agent will professionally list your property, manage any showing requests, market the property, maintain deadlines, and be there for you when you have questions or other needs during the sale.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, an agent can help advocate for you during negotiations and the contract process. They also will help ensure pricing is at a fair market value.

Before hiring

Our first tip to find a real estate agent is to get some housekeeping out of the way before you decide to hire. Some of these tasks include:

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage if you’re buying with financing
  • Have your down payment ready and available to you
  • Work on your credit score to ensure you get the best rates available
  • Create a list of your housing must-haves 
  • Prepare your home to list with needed repairs, cleaning, and sprucing
  • Connect with agents with plenty of time before you want to list

Places to find an agent

Our next tip for finding a real estate agent in your area is to try different ways to locate the best professionals. Some of our tops ways to find an agent to interview include:

  • Ask a friend, co-worker, or family member for a referral (an excellent personal experience is worth more than any number of online reviews!)
  • Please do your research on online reviews and look at their website.
  • Try going to your local chamber of commerce for referrals.


Once you have a list of a handful of agents you may want to work with, conduct a detailed interview utilizing these valuable questions to ask a real estate agent.


Our final tip to help you find a real estate agent is to consider some concluding considerations before you make your final choice. These should include:

  • Experience and qualifications
  • Local market knowledge
  • What they offer for marketing
  • Availability (some agents won’t answer a phone call after 5 p.m., others will answer any day, any time!) 
  • Certifications they hold (some may be more relevant to you than others, so look into it!)

After these top three tips to find a real estate agent, we hope you feel more confident to dive into the real estate market! Choosing the right agent for you can impact not only your finances but also your buying and selling experience overall.



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