Is Tungsten Carbide Right For Your Wedding Band


While gold and silver are stunning examples of a traditional wedding band, many people want to expand on tradition for something a little bit different, perhaps a rugged, handsome presentation and maybe a touch of contemporary charm.

This is why many soon-to-be marrieds choose the Tungsten carbide rings to symbolize their commitment and evolving love. Tungsten is an exceptionally durable metal that transitions into a wedding band, requiring little maintenance.

These rings are simplistic, making them ideal for a minimalist or someone who prefers something with a more natural appearance. That’s not to say this piece of jewelry doesn’t make its presence known with its sleek, stylish design and distinct gunmetal grey color.

Selecting a wedding band is a life choice that requires considerable forethought, including weighing the advantages and downsides of the different options.

Will You Select Tungsten Carbide For Your Wedding Band

Soon-to-be marrieds look beyond the traditions for more modern, contemporary symbols to show their commitment and evolving love. That’s apparent with wedding bands moving away with some couples from the conventional gold and silver to some choosing instead Tungsten carbide rings.

These are sleek, stylish gunmetal gray bands of a durable, scratch-resistant material requiring only minimal care.

Before deciding if Tungsten is the right choice, it’s essential to weigh the advantages of the rings against the downsides to ensure it suits you and your lifestyle.

Learn a few pros and cons of these rings at and then follow here for some we’ve collected.

·        Tungsten is a scratch-resistant material that requires minimal maintenance 

Many people prefer to avoid spending loads of time buffing scratches from their rings and polishing the surfaces. Although there’s minimal maintenance needed with Tungsten, the appearance is stunning. With traditional silver and gold, the metal is soft, leaving it vulnerable to scratches, dings, and various imperfections.

The Tungsten carbide material is among the “hardest metal alloys” available on the market. It can serve for daily wear, being impervious to even the slightest scratch.

Despite their resilience, all rings need some form of care. Using a soft cloth dampened with mild soapy water is suggested to wipe down the surface and keep it in a soft container when you take it off. Go here for guidance on cleaning a Tungsten ring.

·        These are hypoallergenic rings

Tungsten carbide is the ideal choice if you suffer from metal allergies since it is a hypoallergenic metal. Usually, with construction, nickel or other metals will be used as binders with most jewelry suppliers.

Metals like these are common for allergic reactions, meaning even 18k gold could produce a rash, given the contents contain nickel. Tungsten carbide is often nickel-free with only hypoallergenic binders.

·        The rings bring confidence and a sense of empowerment

While people today prefer the non-traditional approach to jewelry with their wedding symbols, there’s still a desire for sophistication and elegance, a dignified and distinguished piece, something that will bring you confidence and a sense of empowerment by merely wearing it on your finger.

The gunmetal grey, sleek design, and the ring’s weightiness and strength bring these characteristics, as do the varied inlays like “meteor dust, elk ort, and abalone shell.”

·        It’s essential to know the wearer’s size

A Tungsten ring cannot be resized, making that the biggest disadvantage of the choice. Traditional silver and gold metals are simple to resize since these metals are soft. It’s impossible to recast and machine with metal as hard as Tungsten.

Most jewelers supply a ring-sizing chart. If you intend to buy it as a surprise, bring a ring that fits that the jeweler can use for the sizing. Plus, most jewelers will allow a free ring exchange within a set time period.

You might have to present it much sooner than expected to ensure proper sizing, but it’s better than having a ring that doesn’t fit at the wedding.

Final Thought

Remember, not all jewelry suppliers are created equal. While some will avoid using nickel as a binder in their Tungsten carbide rings to keep them hypoallergenic, not all will follow that same philosophy. Finding even Tungsten rings that can create an allergic reaction is not unheard of.

The best way to ensure that you get a ring that won’t cause a rash due to metal allergies is to ask the supplier what binders were used in constructing the ring you want to buy. If nickel or other metals were used, you would be prone to a reaction.

Tungsten carbide is a stunning, sleek modern take on the wedding band. Couples nowadays are moving toward new traditions, albeit keeping them distinguished and dignified with an air of sophistication and elegance.

But with the new rings, they’re adding a sense of empowerment and confidence, a strength that can’t be beat.


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